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Old 13-06-2014, 22:58
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I used to love them and through age etc have lost touch but have been singing along to the Eeh Ze tune on the radio and just twigged its by Kasabian. Very different style and the interview they gave does make them look very out of it on stuff. However there's a lot of criticism about it being poppy, and not in their style. Reminds me of Chemical brothers etc. it's bouncy and catchy... Thoughts?
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Old 19-06-2014, 15:43
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I ended up streaming 48.13 on spotify, and on first listen I was hugely disappointed. In my opinion I think they have took a bad turn. Don't get me wrong, Stevie is a get track! Bumblebee another strong one, a bit heavy for the usual Kasabian we hear. Eez eh! is just awful.. well below par, with pretty cringe worthy lyrics.

However if your a massive fan of Kasabian like myself you will probably just see through the bad tracks and pick out the positives. I came across this amazing gig poster, what are your thoughts on it?


Loving the old school army coats!!

Here's a youtube clip of Club Foot from the actual gig @ The palace Theatre

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