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Whats Tulisa Done To Her Face?

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Old 30-07-2014, 23:31
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If Tulisa looks like sh*t, then Angelina jolie must look like crap too

She's just changed her lips, not her whole face......

I wouldn't say horrible, but maybe with the whole court case, she "experimented" with her face, maybe?

Partly agree. Tulisa is still hot. She still looks 100% woman. If you don't focus on the lips, Tulisa still has a really pretty face.
Post of the thread this!
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Old 31-07-2014, 10:06
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She's ruined her career, it's in the toilet.
After everything she's been through, her career's just beginning......

Thats like saying Charles Manson looks normal if you exclude the swastica burnt into his forehead. Just sort of not look at it.
There's a huge difference between a tattoo/burn marking and lip filler, just ask Tweedy

Its hard to miss her giant fish lips, its a pretty large feature. AJ is different as she looks like a normal person, as her face is meant to look like that. TC just looks like some sort of parody of a human face.
Tulisa and Angelina are both stunning. Tulisa's changed one thing about her face. Loads of celebs get their lips done.

Yes, Tulisa looks a little different. But even when Tulisa's looked rough, she's never looked like sh*t. That's a fact.......
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Old 31-07-2014, 10:18
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The Female Hoss.
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