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The Joe McElderry Appreciation Thread (Part 10)

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Old 08-12-2014, 00:04
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Just catching up on last night's XF. Andrea's 'O Holy Night' reminded me to look on YouTube for Joe's performance of it at the O2 from a couple of years ago. It gave me goosebumps hearing it live and still does, even on a recording.
Very grateful to Hayley for recording it when she did
Ah thanks for this Michelle! Such memories of that magnificent voice echoing around the packed 02 singing my favourite Christmas songs with the fabulous orchestra. Do you remember that lady and her children we were talking to in the interval. She'd never heard Joe sing live before and was completely overwhelmed. She was going to get his albums and book for his next solo show.
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Old 15-12-2014, 01:00
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what an amazing show Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is at The Alhambra theatre.....

incredible production, amazing costumes, amazing special effects!!! is this disneyland? They sure brought the kid out of me!!!!!
I must go back before it ends on the 24th of january!!!!

Joe oozes confidence! And what a voice!!!! waow! he sure is a show stopper!!
And the rest of the cast is also so talented!

if you can go to Bradford this Christmas, or in the new year.... go go go!!!!
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Old 16-12-2014, 20:01
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Will anyone be tuning into The Jump this year - JB from JLS is in it

JB @JBGill ∑ 1h 1 hour ago
Lovely afternoon @GreatOrmondSt Christmas Party 🍭🍬🎨 Great seeing @ThisisDavina see you in Jan for The Jump 🎿!!

I live in South Yorkshire so Bradford isn't that far from me
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Old Yesterday, 13:38
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Although I am not a huge fan of Panto, Joe's role as Man in the Mirror has been fantastically received by the critics.

What is there not to like about Joe? Heís young, cute, talented and, as far as Iím concerned, vastly under-rated as a performer. A panto isnít the best vehicle for those talents but it just goes to show how supremely confident and at ease he is no matter what job he undertakes
The X Factor golden boy Joe McElderry is a sensational singing talent as the Spirit of the Mirror.
Joe McElderry lit up the stage as the Spirit of the Mirror, with a voice like velvet,
X Factor star Joe McElderry charms as the Man in the Mirror.
The other celebrity billing, Joe McElderry, is incredibly well received. Itís clear to hear and see why he triumphed on The X Factor and subsequent reality shows with his superb voice and very likable demeanour.
Another surprise is Joe McElderry, giving a very strong performance in the acting field, and his timing in the brilliantly choreographed number, The Twelve Days of Christmas, is superb. He strutts about the stage as the Spirit of the Mirror, and is a perfect foil for Pearce, not being afraid to lose control and laugh at the jokes himself. He was great, and not just a pretty face and a nice voice

Whilst I may agree that Panto may not be the best vehicle for his talents, Joe said last year it was like going in to work and just laughing all day - the best kind of job I'd imagine it is quite lucrative too, which is always a bonus. However, these quotes certainly give lie to the oft repeated cliche on the MF that Joe has no personality
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