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What channels do you want on Freeview in 2013?

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Old 08-05-2013, 18:21
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Connect, Vision and Box (the Arts Council Channel) are all portals to IPTV channels. These can only currently be connected to by using Freeview HD boxes which comply with the MHEG-IC standard (boxes approved by the Digital Television Group following testing for compliance with the latest D-book standard after April 2011 should be compatible.)

Note: YouView boxes do not comply with this standard but one of its shareholders, Arqiva, has purchased Connect so it is expected that they will change the protocol used or add one that YouView units can be used to access the various Connect channels.
Thanks. Is the P in IPTV for Portal or Protocol.

The reason I like +1 channels is because I do not have any box connected to my 2 TV's and can't record any content. Prior to digital switchover I had three video recorders with about 50 tapes I recorded all programmes I wished to see at a later time. I was obsessed about missing any favourite TV programme and some films. At digital changeover, I took my three videos to my local recycling centre and a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. I now only watch the TV that is on when I'm there, either real time or + 1 hour. I occasionally watch a missed programme on iPlayer, 4oD or 5oD. But the ones I miss are quite often repeated at a later date. Even though I watch some soaps, I don't watch the omnibus as I find I can follow the programme quite well from the TV guide.

Oh! the relief of not recording programmes. Obsession ended.
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Old 08-05-2013, 20:59
David Waine
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The new UKtv channel is to be Drama (coming in July). There is room already for a fifth HD channel, but no takers as yet. I have heard rumours that the BBC will use it to transmit a 3D version of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - which would, in turn, suggest no regular fifth HD service this year as that programme is due to go out in November. Given the choice, I would like to see Film Four HD fill that slot - preferably by Christmas.

There are also rumours of further multiplexes coming on stream now that analogue has gone, making room for many more HD services. Whether any broadcasters have the wherewithal to fill them, however, is another question - unless the hosts try to kickstart the process by offering them free for a while, but I will believe that when it happens.
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