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The All Inclusive Maria Chat Thread

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Old 05-10-2013, 22:03
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Just wanted to thank you for keeping us up to date, you're a star. X
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Old 08-10-2013, 04:19
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Helena and the 7 brides...cast are reported to be on the Titchmarsh show ITV1 Friday 11th 3 PM doing some numbers.

There's an interview with Helena http://www.whatsonstage.com/manchest...rticle-flyover with pictures.
and more good reviews

Siobhan has now left Eastbourne ,heading, I think, to Blackpool next week.

We have youtubes of Siobhan singing Perfectly Marvelous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkj4dohGHOI and Mein Herr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rCET71TVEg - turn the sound up a bit.
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Old 04-11-2013, 20:44
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Helana continues in 7 Brides
There's a highlights youtube with bits of Helena singing, and dancing..
More good reviews too


Siobhan continues in Cabaret.
It played Edinburgh to 5 star reviews and has now moved on from Dublin to Oxford


And.........there's news of another Maria

Simona is going to be in The Perfect Murder.

Touring the UK from Jan 11 next year. Visiting Bath, Brighton, Coventry, Dartford, Derby, Glasgow, Malvern, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Richmond, Southampton, Truro,
Woking, Wycombe.
http://www.theperfectmurder.co.uk/cast.html If you click on Simona Armstrong you get a CV of what she has been doing recently.
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Old 27-12-2013, 04:11
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Helena's on her Christmas break in the 7 Brides tour. She's been for a cruise.....The tour continues Jan 13 in Bristol - then through to May. Her co star Sam Attwater is also doing Dancing On Ice from Jan 5 - no idea how he will combine both.

Another great review for 7 brides and Helena

Siobhan's Cabaret tour has finished

There's an interview with Siobhan with some film where she talks about the show and playing Sally.

Cabaret and Siobhan ended with more really good reviews
This was the second outing for Cabaret with Will Young on a short tour - so there may just be apossibility of a third?
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Old 17-03-2014, 03:54
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Helena Blackman continues with 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. She's now got her costar back from the ice. https://twitter.com/KevinWilsonPR/st...595392/photo/1

The cast has covered Roar with some shots of Helena. There's also 6 naked brothers in a lift in case anyone is of a nervous disposition......

Helena continues to get great reviews.

And shes done some interviews

Show goes on into May. Now arriving in Croydon

. ......................
Siobhan has been in LA. .
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Old 28-04-2014, 17:28
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Helena is in her last week of the 7 Brides tour in Richmond (London version) .
She's done a video interview

and an interview

There's more good reviews too
Siobhan is back from LA ,and on holiday in Milan.

Simona is rather good in A Perfect Murder. She plays the psychic East European prostitute, Kamila Walcak , who is Les Dennis's mistress, and dresses accordingly.

There's a review with a photo of Simona at http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/N...0404175918.htm

Not sure how long Simona is in this for as her agent's site says she was there till last saturday It looks like the show is having a break and returnng in the Autumn with Dawn Steele replacing Claire Goose (who really was excellent) an someone else replacing Les Dennis. . They are showing Simona on the autumn cast so she looks to be back in it then.. Its touring from 2 sept - 15 Nov with further dates to come - almost everywhere - so far including Canterbury, southend, Shrewsbury, Buxton, York, Eastborne , Aylesbury, Cardiff and Birmingam.

Her agent's CV shows some of what Simona has been doing inluding 'Lend Me a Tenor' at the Vienna English Theatre, 'Carnival Messiah' at Harewood House Leeds and 'Seven Other Children' at New End Hampstead. And her cast listing tells more and has a picture.
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Old 12-06-2014, 22:12
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Finally some Abi news.
Abbey is in The Jewish Legacy A Night At the Musicals. She's with 3 others including Emily Bull - who was Siobhan's understudy in Cabaret and a very good recent Cosette. This has songs from West Side Story, Funny Girl, Fiddler On The Roof, The Wizard Of Oz and South Pacific including My Funny Valentine, Over the Rainbow, and Tonight. Hopefully Abi gets to sing from Funny Girl at last.
Its playing Hornchurch on 25 June and Leeds 30 june and 2 July
There's a review of an earlier show

The cast list has some details of what Abi has been doing. She's been involved in Showstoppers: The Improvised Musical - though check as she's, as far as i can see, not in the current cast of that? it also mentions her time in the European tour of Hair.

Abi is even more difficult to keep up to date with than Jessie. If anyone sees anything about her doing any other shows please post.
Simona continues in The Perfect Murder which starts part two of its tour with a couple of new leads in september. Its itinery is here
Helena has finished 7 brides and is having a break.
No word on Siobhan, yet .
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Old 13-10-2014, 02:45
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Some news.

Helena is back from her break and next appears in a new musical But First This at the Watermill Theatre Newbury 23/10-8/11/14.
There's a youtube
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfhfVF_OqSM The problem is the theatre is 3 miles from the nearest train station and the buses go near there on alternate days.........

Siobhan did the last workshop for Bend it like Beckham - playing the Keira Knightley/Sam Barks role.
She's in An Evening with Stuart Brayson and Friends in Gateshead 3 Feb 15. http://sagegateshead.gr8.com/It includes songs from the new musical King Pit.

She's done the ALS ice water bucket challenge

Abi was very funny in the Jewish Legacy. This review gives some idea.http://www.jonathanbaz.com/2013/11/t...sh-legacy.html No sightings since?

Simona continues in the Perfect Murder with a new happy couple.
http://www.theperfectmurder.co.uk/buy.html Running into November with more dates to come.
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Old 22-10-2014, 02:17
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Impressed with your work her networkbabe!

I saw Simona in The Perfect Murder and agree she was rather good!
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Old 25-12-2014, 00:28
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Xmas is brought to you by dangermouse - which could have been the ultimate series winning song / interesting ringtone

And Helena Blackman -
A series of Helena's recordings with silva Records/City of Prague Orchestra/London Music works have appeared on youtube

There's the Epic
Love Never Dies

I Vow To thee My Country

There's Disney
Tale As Old As Time (From Beauty and the Beast

I See The Light From Tangled

Reflection from Mulan

A Whole New World From Aladdin

Part of Your World From The Little Mermaid

Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat From The Aristocats - with Helena as a french chat.

And for something different , A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics from "A Beautiful Mind

And, just wierd
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Mermaids _ Helana as a mermaid.
They are available at amazon.... (and other good stores)



http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...dm_ws_sp_ps_dp- thi s one has My heart Will Go On - by Helena on it. The youtube of that sadly is a dud.

Helena has finished But First This . if you missed it , you missed, amongst other laughs, Helena in a yellow sowester, with a beard, as a fisherman , and doing a very high pitched, very fast, very Scottish Kirsty Young. Wish someone would let her loose in a comedy musical . Helena's been having a break since..

No word on Siobhan - but there's not many top female roles around anywhere at present. :

The Perfect Murder ran at least into November with Simona. The site says there will be later dates, but if there are its not been updated since November.
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Old 27-03-2015, 04:07
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Getting withdrawal symptoms here.

Helena has started doing shows again - just not anywhere visible. She was involved in a season of the the Sound of Music in Cairo 25/2 - 3/3 and now seems to be involved in a repeat in Beirut .Looks like you have to go to the Middle East to see our star names - see Niamh's next news.

She's also doing a new musical in London - kingmaker - which is a political satire on the Blair years - St James's Theatre London , 31/3-1/4.


This is an odd show - its on for two days, and, by the time Helena announced it, on twitter, there was only standing room left for one show . No idea how that works financially.

Siobhan did her show in Gateshead- There's youtubes - but not with Siobhan on them. Otherwise no news - though she seems happy.

Simona was a guest star on an E4 comedy series Drifters in November according to the net, but otherwise no news.
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Old 18-04-2015, 03:18
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Siobhan is back in the Westend. She opens as Ellen in Miss Saigon on the 11 of May

Helena has been to Egypt with the Sound of Music where it was performed in a v large tent https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...9727630&type=1 and has followed that up with another trip with the show to Beirut - where she's tweeted some pictures of herself playing Maria alongside Rebecca Caine as the Abbess. - https://twitter.com/helenablackman - 11/4 and 14/4 - this time it was played in a casino http://www.cdl.com.lb/

Helena has played Maria before of course - at Kilworth house theatre, south Leicestershire in 2012. She going back there to do 4 concerts called the magic of the musicals 23rd 25th, 30th October and 1st November http://www.kilworthhousetheatre.co.u...-the-musicals/ They have two big summer musicals too - but haven't said who is in those.
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Old 05-07-2015, 19:40
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Connie is on BBC Wales monday 6th july
Its a programme about her battle to get her singing voice back called Connie Fisher- I'll Sing Once More


Siobhan is also dealing with a, non vocal, medical issue, since May - which has meant she hasn't been on often yet as Ellen in Miss Saigon - reports are she is excellent in the role. Lots of love, best wishes, support, hugs, and hopes for as quick a recovery as possible are in order. Miss her lots.


Annoyingly, I missed Abi in something because I didn't see cast details of it. She's been in Flames of London in May
There she picked up some excellent reviews
https://www.thestage.co.uk/reviews/2015/flames/ - has a picture

The good news is that I have finally found Abi's twitter (how I didn't find it before i Have no idea) , so, if she says there whats she's doing, I won't hopefully miss more shows.


Helena's been doing some concerts for charities https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunda...00582636691310, http://www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/...12732.display/ but there seem to be no youtubes of these.
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