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Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour | Channel 4 | 5pm

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Old 19-09-2013, 18:31
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I just received an email from sro audiences saying they are looking for people to apply for Coach Trip.

You guys should apply to be on it
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Old 08-10-2013, 13:28
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I've only just now learned about Coach Trip's return, good news!
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Old 15-10-2013, 23:06
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Brendan tweeted that their first day of filming is complete in Canterbury for series 9.

I am happy that the coach is back, but still having shudders of the last series when those nasty tattoo queens won, who were all over BBBOTS......
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Old 16-10-2013, 15:27
I.B. Non
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Hi Everyone. Are we having a new thread for the new Coach Trip. Missed you all

Anyone need a Brendan fix he is in panto in Llandudno this year.
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