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jobsearch.direct.gov.uk / universal job match Has Been Overtaken By Spammers

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Old 10-02-2013, 19:08
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Today on my Universal Jobmatch search for IT jobs in a 20 mile radius, for the fun of it, just showing jobs posted this Sunday afternoon...

88 'jobs' were posted today that lead to agencies ultimately listing under the 'Job Warehouse' alias. Not a single real job posted by employers, as you would expect on a Sunday.

Universal Jobmatch actually gives you figures on the number of jobs there, so I decided to count up all the ones posted by companies that seem to have almost all jobs listed by agencies. I haven't included the lesser-known 'Job Warehouse' listers.

CV Library (Job Warehouse Only) -- 80,441
Agency Central Limited (Job Warehouse) -- 62,656
Monster Worldwide -- 15,923
Technojobs Job Warehouse Only -- 12,156
MyJobs Ltd (Job Warehouse only) -- 11,302

Total = 182,478
Number of jobs in the staffing/employment category on Universal Jobmatch = 193,244

It isn't just Universal Jobmatch that's overrun by these jobs either, other 'popular' job sites have issues too.

Can't wait to do my job search tomorrow.
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Old 11-02-2013, 11:34
Ed R.Marley
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Apparently this will be compulsory soon (february I think)
I've read on a few boards that D-Day will be 18th of Feb.
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Old 11-02-2013, 19:59
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I have also stopped using this website it's has been plagued by spammers since Christmas. I find it very strange that DWP or Monster have not done anything about this. It's effecting so many job seekers and companies, now I'm using Reed and TotalJobs which are good websites but very tedious.

I have been thinking that maybe this could be a conspiracy from the government to make out there are more jobs going.
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