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What are you eating at the moment? (Part 3)

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Slice of cheese
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Today 22nd July 2014 - Mega Sunny Wednesday -

Big wedge of Lettuce - 3 " of cucumber - half a tomato and white onion
with 2 slices of TOASTED & buttered **Genius Gluten - free / multi seeded bread **
with some salad cream and sweet chilli sauce

followed by
Another 2 slices of Genius / toast
topped with a dollop of / Combined raspberry jam with honey [ BOTH mixed in a jar ]

A big bowl of 30 defrosted **Sprouts**
with an equal quantity of defrosted **Carrot swede potato mash**
with half a sliced up tomato and half a white onion
topped with a spoon full of **Aunt Bessie's onion gravy GRANULES**
When boiled water added and mixed
I then put in a heaped teaspoon of * creamed horseradish sauce *
and a big squeeze of ** sweet chilli sauce combined with some sticky plum sauce **
then poured this mixed ****Gravy combo **** ALL OVER the pre-Heated VEG Mix
Heated the whole meal >>>>>>>>> in the microwave for 1 more minute
MAINLY to Thicken and ....... add heat to the gravy mixture

A strawberry WW's Yoghurt in a bowl
with 1 crumbled up pillow of * Shredded Wheat *
with a *handgrab* of Morrison's ** Fruit n Nut Mix **
all mixed in together then ............ enjoyed

A Toasted white pitta bread filled with :-
A big wedge of shredded iceberg lettuce
4" of Cucumber coins
A sizzled fried egg
and lots of Carved ham
ALL drizzled with lots of salad cream
and sweet chilli sauce mixed in a squeezy bottle with some sticky plum sauce

2 chubby iceberg Lettuce *Mock Wraps*
filled with :-
several slices of carved ham
with lots of cucumber slices
a spoonful of philly cream cheese
salad cream and sweet chilly n sticky plum sauce mix
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