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The Bad Crimes Inn - General gossip thread (2)

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Old 21-01-2017, 01:29
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Watching and reading and reports about the avalanche in Rigapiano. They have now found 10 survivors. Reminded me of my late mum's family who are from Penne which is nearby and the time we took a bus trip to the top of the mountain. My brother actually sent me a message a day before about several earthquakes in the past week and that they were particulary strong in Penne. I've been all the way up to the top of the Gran Sasso but not the actual summit. It was near enough. The bus we travelled on is similar to the one in the Galaxy chocolate advert. The road passes through Rigopiano to get to the mountain. The higher you go the road becomes more dangerous. I remember there was a point in the road where one of the two lanes had subsided and the bus driver squeezing the bus by on the remaining lane.. Scary.. There is a plateau on the other side of the climb, which I think might have been a location for spaghetti westerns. Our destination was Campo Imperatore a very grand hotel. They have a cable car that goes to L'Aquila. The capital of Abruzzo. When I was there, the cables disappeared into the clouds so no one fancied taking a trip on it. I also climbed up the gravely stones to the top of the mountain, but as I got near the top I could see there was going to be a steep drop on the other side, as I could see Pescara and the Adriatic Sea. Looking back down to the Hotel Campo Imperatore my legs turned to jelly so I started making my way back down.. On the journey back home we saw clouds coming over the long mountain ridge down onto the plateau.. it was like the widest watefall in the world..
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Old 21-01-2017, 02:19
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^ A shame it's been overlooked in the news what with all the Trump drama. Barely a peep about it and yet the details sound terrifying. People trapped inside the hotel sending texts to loved ones. I saw some of the images of the scene, amazing they've found any survivors at all given the hotel is almost completely buried and collapsing/partially collapsed from the force of it.
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Old 23-01-2017, 15:49
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Sad to hear about Gorden Kaye. Allo Allo is one of my all time favourite sitcoms.
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Old 17-02-2017, 15:01
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This is fascinating

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Old 17-02-2017, 15:13
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My first thought was 'Wow he's hot!'

I love to see the laws of gender being broken, in reality it's all just one massive social construct.
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Old 17-02-2017, 18:15
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