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The Digital Spy Apprentice Series 4: Task Announcement Thread

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Old 08-09-2014, 00:17
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Not me, my appearance was going to be just a one-time thing, but I will be watching all of it.
You never know! Mine was as well last year, but I ended up doing it a second time. I won't be doing it again though - twice is enough, with Virtual Apprentice as well!
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Old 08-09-2014, 00:21
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Congrats Roxie Thoroughly deserved.

Commiserations Shadi, if I'm honest, I think the turning point was the art task, where Roxie got the plaudits for her pitch but you as the winning PM kind of went under the radar a bit.

So a year to go until the next series, who's thinking of applying?
I for one definitely want to redeem myself and prove that I can not just get further than I did this year but do it from the start and not 2 tasks in.
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Old 08-09-2014, 00:24
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Also a big thank you to all the viewers who have commented in this thread, asked questions, voted or generally taken an interest - particularly to Amy who has shown a zealous interest in this series and often have great contributions to the thread

Aww I love you too Niall , it's been nice being a viewer this year, I must say. Although, I am wondering whether I should plot a comeback for 2015.....
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Old 08-09-2014, 00:27
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It's not just because they were the only person who bothered doing market research, or because throughout the series they have asked me about ideas and taken my suggestions and incorporated them, but I really think that Roxie should win. Her idea is realistic, very current, and original enough to work, and I think she has gone above and beyond herself this time.
Said on there and I'll say it again, massive congratulations Roxie. I'm very happy for you, wear the title proudly. x3
ROXILICIOUS!!!!!!! WOO! You've done it! SO proud of you! I know from speaking to you every week that you wanted to seriously win this and you worked your bloody arse off! Massive congrats! You best be looking forward to LAS'ing next year

Shadi, your store was so nostalgic and original. it was a brilliant pitch and you have also been brilliant throughout!

Niall, you've done amazingly well as LAS - strong, fair and considerate of your candidates availability! Excellent series guys.
Huge congratulations to Roxie who has been the strongest throughout the Series.
Aw thank you so much all you lovely people! I never win anything and well this is just overwhelming and amazing. I have had such a great time doing this and Niall's done such an amazing job as Lord Sugar, I hope I can come up with tasks which are as innovative.

Thank you once again for the overwhelming support...Naruto you have been such a force to be reckoned with throughout this process, I loved it in particular how we would bounce ideas off each other - we made a great team! Iain you have always been so sensible and so full of ideas like with our theme park which I loved, and you have always been so supportive of me in everything we've done - thank you. George you are lovely and so passionate about everything you do and I'm glad to have got to know you. Steve I think you are such a lovely guy and been wonderful to get to know! Amy you have been a delight to speak to and you have had such wonderful suggestions which I always looked forward to including in my pitches. David you are such a logical thinker and always coming up with such great ideas - thanks so much for supporting me. And Aliyah I can't tell you how much I appreciated you always testing me and challenging me with your difficult questions - thank you so much for that.

And as I said before Shadi you have been fantastic and a force to be reckoned with. You came up with such a creative and innovative idea as usual. I quite frankly always love your ideas and I still loved the app we created! I just think you have been fantastic throughout the process! I still can't forget that amazing teamwork in Task 5 with the art pitches. <3
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Old 08-09-2014, 02:34
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Well done Roxie , so glad you won very well deserved. A great final task so much effort from both teams. Well done to shadi who did well as runner up & everyone who took part was great. And of course niall for brilliant work running it.
It has been really fun , i will continue to be a viewer in the next series
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Old 08-09-2014, 08:39
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Congrats again on winning Roxie! You were definitely the right winner.
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Old 08-09-2014, 19:40
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Congratulations to Roxie on your big win. A massive congrats to Shadi as well on making the final especially on your first year. Thanks Niall for running the series too.
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Old 08-09-2014, 19:55
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Does anyone else find the male/female ratio interesting? I was talking about this the other day... in every series, the lads have outnumbered the girls considerably, and yet it is usually a girl who wins. Niall has been the only male winner so far. It seems that the game is more popular with guys, but girls tend to be better at it.

On the other hand, the tradition of the winner being the Week 3 winning PM has died... in fact, it has shifted to being the Week 3 losing PM!
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Old 09-09-2014, 04:07
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Congrats Roxie
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Old 11-09-2014, 11:25
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Pretty late on this but omg, congrats Roxie, you deserved this so much!! You worked so brilliantly right from the start, I knew you'd win 3:1 female to male winners now

Looking forward to seeing your run as LAS next time

Also very proud of my Apprentice Niall for running a brilliant series. Sorry I wasn't really around but I promise I have a good excuse. You and David have been brilliant together and picked a wonderful winner.
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