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What's a reasonable price to pay for a new operating system?

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Old 03-08-2014, 13:30
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The current version of OS X is free when you buy the computer.

The current version of Windows is free when you buy the computer.
In most cases true. The pedantic would argue that the cost of the OS is factored into the cost of buying the computer.

Future upgrades of OS X are also currently free when upgrades are released.
This was a recent decision though, and was originally initiated on the grounds that there weren't enough significant changes to justify charging users.

Now that the App store and Apples other online services are available on the desktop it makes business sense to hold off cutting them off. Its still worth bearing in mind though that the updates will only install on what Apple deem to be compatible systems. Macs over x amount of years are blocked from installing the update.

Future upgrades of Windows are not free when upgrades are released.
Its the same as Mac OS always used to be. Free updates to the major version only.

Part of me thinks MS may eventually be tempted to take a similar route and try to recoup their losses from the Windows store, Online storage and Office 365 integration etc. However, given its current state they would probably need to roll some of these features out to Windows 7 users just to get momentum going which they understandably wont want to do.
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