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Syndol tablets unavailable

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Old 12-11-2014, 16:30
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Wow, great.. just read the update that they're coming back.
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Old 12-11-2014, 17:51
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Hi, just found this on the Over-Count Website

"Although "Syndol" will shortly be available to purchase in the UK again, it is NOT the same formulation as the original product.

The 'new' "product will be called :

"Syndol Headache Relief Tablets" - this product contains 500mg Paracetamol, 8mg Codeine and 30mg Caffeine. This differs from the original Syndol formulation in that it does not contain Doxylamine.

'Sanofi', the new Product Licence holder stated that ...

"We have been and continue to work very hard to find a resolution to our manufacturing problems; however, we are not in a position currently to bring the original formulation of Syndol back to the market..."

Finally, it is worth noting that 'Sanofi' are NOT saying that the original "Syndol" formulation will never be back, only that currently they are unable to produce it.
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Old 12-11-2014, 19:52
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It seems Syndol (tables for headaches etc) is unavailable at the moment in the UK. I have found they really work better than anything else. Does anyone know an equivalent, please?

Many thanks!

Have you consulted a Doctor? If you need to take strong pain killers constantly maybe something else is up
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