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Sony DM Port - what can I use it for?

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Old 23-03-2009, 16:24
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I don't know if anyone else has the problem that when you read a manual, you can understand most of the words, but you don't really know what they mean ....

I have a Sony 40w4500 TV which has a DM Port that the manual says is suitable, (using a DMPort adaptor), for playing audio or video from a portable player.

Does this mean that it will only work with analogue signals, or could it connect with a suitable adaptor via HDMI from, say a Bluray player?

I really need a 4th HDMI connection at the TV and wondered if there was an alternative to buying a HDMI switch, or just changing the leads over when required.
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Old 23-03-2009, 16:37
Chris Frost
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It's not a HDMI port and can't be used as such with any sort of adapter. Forget that idea.

Have a look here for what the adapter is and how it can be used.
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Old 23-03-2009, 16:39
niall campbell
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there a few products to connect wireless to a docking station and such like

Digitial Media Port
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