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Just ran a red light!!!

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Old 29-09-2009, 13:09
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I was coming up to traffic lights, but there was a queue of traffic at the traffic lights in front almost up to the traffic lights I was approaching.

So I slowed down and stopped at the first set, as I wasn't sure if I had enough room to pass them, even though they were at green.

When I stopped a bunch of pedestrians crossed the road, clearly thinking I had a red light.

They only took a second or two to cross, so when they were done I pulled away as I now had room to join the second queue.

When I was pulling away though I glanced up and noticed the first set of lights had turned to red. I felt like a total idiot.

Will I get a letter? There are only those small black things on top of the traffic lights - I am hoping they are only sensors and not enforcement cameras - is that correct?

I'm still on my first three years after passing and I really don't want points.
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Old 29-09-2009, 13:14
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You will only get a fine if there was a camera on the lights, as far as Im aware the 'black boxes' on top are sensors as you say, the cameras are usually located back from the lights.

If Im wrong no doubt someone will let us know!!, I wouldnt worry about it too much,
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Old 29-09-2009, 13:35
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For God's sake run while you still can! Hide! They're coming for you - there's no escape!!
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Old 29-09-2009, 13:35
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I accidentally ran a red light once. I'd come to a junction with one of those criss-cross boxes that you can't enter unless you can leave it. I couldn't go because there was traffic. I had to wait ages without being able to move, and the traffic lights went from green to red to green several times. The person behind me was getting angsty and was beeping on their horn. I spied a gap and so went for it, and then realised too late the lights were red. Stupid me.

Like you I was worried, but nothing ever came of it.
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Old 29-09-2009, 14:39
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I've done it too; there were people just meandering across a pelican crossing on a busy road without a care in the world and they found it just hilarious that I had to stop at a green light to avoid hitting them. They were joking away and giving me the finger, and I got so riled up I gunned it across the crossing as soon as it was clear. Of course the light was red by that time...

Nothing ever came of it thankfully, and I learned that lesson....
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Old 29-09-2009, 15:13
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Traffic light cameras are now painted the same as speed cameras, so if you didn't see a yellow camera pointing towards the lights, you'll be fine.
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