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New Telly Without A Headphone socket.

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Old 06-06-2010, 08:55
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Thats generally a good design to auto shut off the speakers when a headphone is plugged in. Its easier than going through tv menus. The scenario you are talking about is just too rare to really count.
I disagree. I also often use headphones to listen to a TV programme while I am out of the room, preparing dinner for example. And why the need to go through menus? Just turn the main sound volume all the way down. That was how my old Panny CRT used to work - that had a separate volume adjustment in the menus so you could balance the level to be within the range useful for the headphones own volume control - a one-off adjustment.

No, Samsung have just not thought this through properly leading people to have to look for the sort of workarounds already suggested on this thread. For example I have two audio feeds from my PVRs to my AV amp (which has its own front panel headphone socket). One which goes through the TV and one which bypasses the TV and goes straight to the amp. I also have a third audio feed from the PVRs to my hi-amp and speakers (better for music programmes). This gives me all the flexibility I need but possibly too complicated and confusing for the average user.
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Old 09-06-2010, 16:57
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thank you. It arrived this morning and headphones work just as they should. Don't have to touch the volume on the tv either as it has no effect. It would be great if i could have both headphones and surround sound in at the same time but never mind. If anybody invents a double adapter type thing give me a call. Once again thanks.

Is the type needed. It will probably work fine.

The TV volume will need to be turned right down or muted (as long as mute does not put an icon on screen.)
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Old 09-06-2010, 18:22
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Great that it worked.
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