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Win7 Pin to Taskbar - does it slow down boot?

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Old 22-09-2010, 22:13
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I decided to de-clutter my desktop and pin about 11 or so programs I frequently use to the taskbar. I have noticed the programs do launch slightly faster but will this slow down my boot up time ?
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Old 22-09-2010, 23:37
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No, unless you have put them in the startup folder.
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Old 22-09-2010, 23:46
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by the time you got an answer you would have tested it yourself!?!

the internet has brewed such a load of lazy ******.
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Old 23-09-2010, 00:14
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You may or may not know that Quick Launch is still available for the Taskbar, but hidden by default.

Personally I prefer it to pinning. But I do collect lots of Apps.

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