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Celebs who act nice in the spotlight but are horrible in person

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Old 14-08-2015, 17:25
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Modern Family star Ariel Winter has had a breast reduction at just 17.


I think it's good that she's done this for health issues, but is does sound like the media attention and online cattiness paid it's part. It's horrible that young women should feel driven to surgery due to such attention.

What do other people think?
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Old 14-08-2015, 19:37
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I didn't think the surgery would be allowed at 17.

Can she even be sure her breasts have stopped growing? I was still growing until around 20.
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Old 15-08-2015, 00:18
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Good for her! About time someone raises awareness that downsides of large breasts and that it is alright for reduction surgery.

I really like her, she seems so lovely despite having tough teenage years that have been played out in front of the press and media.
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