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I know I start a lot of threads about the vapidity of DigitalSpy news... (Part 2)

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Old 03-07-2014, 23:06
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Just watching an old episode of Celebrity Juice (from 4 years ago) and Michelle Keegan is on the panel looking decidedly paler than she does these days. Whilst I totally agree she is a stunning looking girl why oh why does she put her darker colouring these days down to her 'Spanish heritage' and insist she does not wear fake tan? Her colouring 4 years ago was nowhere near as orange as it is now so it is obvious that she 'tops up'.

I can't understand why a lot of celebs deny such things (eg Victoria Beckham who denied ever having had a boob job, Fern Britton and Anne Diamond who denied having gastric bands). There is nothing wrong with having 'help' imo so I wish they would just be honest.
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