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Capital FM Network (Part 2)

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Old 16-12-2012, 19:11
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I had a mixed bag of thoughts with the new programmes, but I'm happy with the new breakfast show with Garth & Connor, but
I miss Sonya Mac at the later slot.
But I see that the overnights with Mairead are now all recorded, as all stations seem to be doing these days.
Keep up the good work
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Old 16-12-2012, 19:29
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The new breakfast show is pretty good abit cringy at times but better than anything else out there
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Old 16-12-2012, 20:20
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They could cut down on their top of the hour news from 7 minutes to around 3 or 4. Besides that, it delivers something very unique unlike the other Bauer brands.
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Old 22-02-2015, 07:48
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Thing I wonder why doesn't Bauer media do the same to radio network in northern Ireland like how they changed all their stations and added networking into the station.
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