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Old 14-08-2014, 16:54
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Does anyone recall a season of American Independent cinema that was shown on Channel 4 during the autumn of 1993?

I can recall a couple of Hal Hartley films (Trust, The Unbelievable Truth).
Drugstore Cowboy, Gun Crazy (with Drew Barrymore). I think there was a Tim Robbins' film called 'Five Corners'.

I think there was also a documentary which included a few clips of Reservoir Dogs (then banned on video).
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Old 14-08-2014, 18:30
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I can't remember if those were broadcast during that particular period, but I do remember watching those during Channel 4's early film seasons:

In the Soup - Alexandre Rockwell
Gas, Food and Lodging - Allison Anders
One False Move - Carl Franklin
Down With the Law or Mystery Train, or both - Jim Jarmusch
River's Edge - Tim Hunter
Slacker - Richard Linklater
My Own Private Idaho - Gus Van Sant
The Grifters - Stephen Frears
Rambling Rose - Martha Coolidge
Boyz n the Hood - John Singleton
Near Dark - Kathryn Bigelow
Sex, Lies, and Videotape - Steven Soderbergh
Miller's Crossing or Barton Fink, or both - the Coen brothers
El Mariachi - Robert Rodriquez

Also, a River Phoenix film.

Also the one with an alien. I'm blanking on title and the leading actor's name. He's a popular TV actor nowadays.

Also a lesbian film.


the alien film - The Brother From Another Planet, directed by John Sayles. The actor is Joe Morton.

the Phoenix film - Dogfight, directed by Nancy Savoca, starring River Phoenix and Lili Taylor.

the lesbian film - Go Fish, directed by Rose Troche, but it's not the one as it was released in 1994.
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