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Favourite Show Of The Week Game; Season One

Just an idea. If you want to play, see what you think! Read the Rules below first!

How To Play

Each week, DS members will get the chance to give points to the show they enjoyed the most throughout the week. These points will be totalled weekly to see which is your Favourite UK Show Of The Week. Then, as this process repeats itself, at the end of the Season, a winning show will be announced. The winning show or show (s) will have won the most points given by you across the Season.

The Points System;

You must rank in terms of points each of the shows given (15 posted each week by me) (see below).You must post your rankings within the time specified (from start of the week to end - times specified later) in order for them to count.

How to Rank;

Rank in terms of your enjoyment of the show and how well you thought the episodes panned out and any other factors you believe are important!

Rank each of the 15 shows according to this, giving the show...

5 points if you (loved it!)
4 points if you thought it was (good)
3 points if you thought it was (average)
2 points if you thought it was (okay)
1 points if you thought it was (bad)
0 points if you (didn't watch it!)

You have only ONE chance to submit your points by posting them on this thread. You cannot resubmit afterwards.

The points will then be totalled up and announced at a later date.

Simple really ( I hope ). Let me know what you think. It'll be interesting to see what you guys think of each of the shows out there and to see if your opinions each Season reflect viewing figures and so on.


The first week of Season One begins Monday, March 11 2013.

Let me know what you think of my idea for a game below and if you would be interested in playing when the game starts up next week!

I will be posting the schedule for Season One, Week One later tonight for those interested! I hope you are!

Please read, and as said above, let me know what you think!
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