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If you were in the jury for each season who'd get your vote.

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Old 28-07-2011, 18:47
child of tyra
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BB1 - N/A

BB2 - Will. Because although Nicole was a good player Will was clearly one of, actually probably the best player ever to play this game.

BB3 - Danielle. Best player of that season.

BB4 - This one would be really, really hard as they both played really impressive games but in quite different ways. Jun managed to cover all of her bases and not make too many enemies getting her in a great position to win the game, whereas Alison literally fought tooth and nail and did anything to get to the position she was in. It would be really tough but probably due to social game as much as I preferred Alison as a viewer Jun would just steal my vote as I think she played a SLIGHTLY better game. Ah it would be difficult.

BB5 - Drew. Cowboy's game was poor.

BB6 - Maggie. As much as I disliked her she played the best game.

BB7 - Boogie. I preferred Erika as a person but she was manipulated by Chill Town, she made a great move towards the end of the season but I'd have to give Mike Boogie my vote for playing the better game. Although this is where it would get really difficult in terms of would I vote for the best player because I would much rather give Erika the cash. I'd like to think I'd vote for the player though.

BB8 - Daniele. Probably my favourite contestant ever. I think she played a fantastic game and while Dick was undoubtedly a great player with a unique strategy I think Daniele was much stronger. She was great at comps obviously but her strategy was awesome for me. She was so determined and wasn't afraid to throw everyone under the bus when she needed to. She was the mastermind of the alliance and managed to get her dad to do her dirty work. She and her dad had a huge target on their back all summer long but I think hers was slightly bigger. She got people on side and when she got what she needed from them she evicted them. She treated Big Brother as a game and it still upsets me to this day that she didn't win her season.

BB9 - Ryan. Adam was perhaps the most undeserving winner, appalling person who didn't have a clue how to play the game. God only knows how he won.

BB10 - Dan. One of the strongest players ever which was proved with his 7-0 vote.

BB11 - Jordan. I just couldn't get Natalie the money over Jordan, she was one of the most loveable people ever to appear on Big Brother and I couldn't not give her the money. Also, Natalie's social game was awful. I just couldn't hand her $500,000 over Jordan.

BB12 - couldn't really care less to be honest. As soon as Britney left I didn't give a crap. Probably Lane though.
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Old 28-07-2011, 18:58
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BB2: Probably Will, though I actually think Nicole is pretty underrated in her own right.
BB3: You know, I'd like to say Danielle, but I'm not sure I would have. Even though she clearly deserved to win, she was insanely two-faced with the DR, and I can see why so many of them were upset with her.
BB4: I'm not sure again. Jun was the better player and deserved it more, but Alison was quite the competitor, which I'd probably factor in more if I were a juror.
BB5: Drew. I didn't rate him, but his opponent was freaking Cowboy.
BB6: Maggie. Deserves far more credit than she deserves.
BB7: Erika. Erika sucks, but I seriously hate Boogie so much, even if he deserved it more.
BB8: Daniele. No way I could vote for Dick if he had treated me like he did the rest of the house.
BB9: Ryan. Not a great player, but better than Adam at least.
BB10: Dan. Absolutely killed it, and managed to get so much blood on Memphis's hands without him ever being HoH!
BB11: I'd have voted for Jordan, but honestly, against any other player I'd have voted against her.
BB12: A hard one, but probably Hayden. He deserved it, and was no less likable than Lane IMO.

I'd love to say I'd vote for the better player every time, but sitting at home and appreciating good game-play must be so much easier than sitting on a jury and appreciating good game-play that cost me a million quid.
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I'd go

BB2: Will

BB3: Daniele

BB4: Ali

BB5: Drew

BB6: Maggie

BB7: Erika

BB8: Dick

BB9: Adam

BB10: Dan

BB11: Jordan

BB12: Hayden (but who cares)

There's a couple where I voted for the less deserving player over someone who was obviously stronger (Erika, Jordan). But mostly I went with who I thought played best or more deserving in some way.

I thought the Donatos were both almost equally horrible at times. Dick was a lot more obvious, but Daniele was one of the bitchiest and most mean people in the house. I prefer Dick slightly as he could be more rational and calmer at times. He was also better tv. Their games were kind of on a par.
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fab cesc
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Its such a hard question as your in game experiences would totally dictate who you vote for. I'd say its impossible actually without having played the game.

I'll do who I would have voted for from my sofa though

BB2: Will (although it is a closer call than most would think)

BB3: Daniele

BB4: Jun

BB5: Drew

BB6: Maggie

BB7: Erika

BB8: Dani (Dani wasn't much better but Dick's behaviour at times was appaling)

BB9: Ryan

BB10: Dan

BB11: Jordan

BB12: Hayden (Like like soooo much more but Hayden played a vastly superior game. One of the best imo)
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Old 28-07-2011, 19:30
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BB2 - Will
BB3 - Danielle
BB4 - Alison
BB5 - Drew
BB6 - Maggie
BB7 - Erica
BB8 - Danielle
BB9 - Adam
BB10 - Memphis
BB11 - Jordan
BB12 - Lane

BB6 and BB11 sucked as final 2.
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Old 28-07-2011, 20:05
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I wouldn't change any result, other than BB9.
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Old 29-07-2011, 14:36
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From the few I have seen

BB6 - Maggie
BB7 - Erika
BB9 - Ryan
BB11 - Jordan
BB12 - Lane
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It's hard to say, I'd like to think that if I was a juror, I wouldn't do what so many jurors have done by making a decision based on personal feelings, instead of how they played the game.

BB2: Will - I don't think this needs an explanation. But I liked Nicole a lot too, I thought this was one of the best finals.

BB3: Danielle - Robbed! Not to discredit Lisa though, I liked how she stepped up her game after losing her boyfriend (can't remember his name - Eric?), but even then she was merely a puppet for Danielle to play with.

BB4: Alison - nothing against Jun though who was a deserving winner - I just loved how ruthless and competitive Alison was.

BB5: Drew - Cowboy winning could've been a joke!

BB6: Maggie - I think Maggie convincing Howie to nominate Sarah and James was a pivotal moment that season, and it's a huge part of the reason why the Nerd Herd beat the Sovereign Six.

BB7: Mike - Not one of my favourite pair of finalists, but between him and Erika it's not a hard decision.

BB8: Daniele - Competition beast. Neither of the Donatos had great social or strategic games that season, so my decision would have to be based on competitions. Plus, I think this is one of the decisions where I couldn't help my personal opinions becoming a factor.

BB9: Adam - but if I had any idea what his prize money was going to fund, I would've voted for Ryan.

BB10: Dan - I think he's tied with Will as the best winner, or maybe just a tiny bit behind. Will was more manipulative and charming, but Dan makes up for that with his competition wins

BB11: Jordan - I really disliked Natalie though so I definitely think my personal feelings would be a factor in my vote - but based on gameplay alone, it would still be a hard decision. Natalie was an amazing liar, and she did ride on coattails but IMO that's a legitimate strategy if you can pull it off the way she did. But that's not to discredit Jordan's game either - she's a lot smarter than she's given credit for sometimes, and being likable with a good social game is also important. She was the perfect pawn, and she could win competitions when she needed too.

BB12: Hayden - He should've won by a unanimous vote. One of the best winners IMO, even if he's not that likable or interesting.
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Old 30-07-2011, 09:39
Eloise Tardella
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BB2- Probably Will. Played a better strategic game than Nicole...although I think he was more lucky than skilled a lot of the time.

BB3- Lisa. This was a tough one. Danielle played a brilliant game in some ways, but made some really stupd mistakes- like deciding it was a better idea to keep Lisa over Amy (who was probably the only person she could beat at F2). She spent the entire game fighting for a second place against Jason. Lisa was flexible, smart and made no mistakes.

BB4- Jun. Both were good, but Alison was fighting for survivial every week, whereas Jun was smart enough that she never had to.

BB5- They were both terrible imo. Drew was too stupid to even realise Diane would beat him at F2 until she pointed it out to him. He just lucked out in a few comps and was against one of the worst players ever. Diane's idiocy was the only reason either of them were in the F2.

BB6- Maggie. Maggie played a brilliant game that she rarely gets credit for. I don't get why so many people on other forums say Ivette played a better game than her. Ivette was a puppet who made constant mistakes, had no control of her emotions and was actually terrible at comps all the way through til Maggie strategically threw some comps to her at the end.

BB7- Erika. Didn't rate either of them though, but Erika mostly relied on herself to get to the end, whereas Boogie would never have got so far without Will.

BB8- Again both sucked and neither would have been there if not for the twist. Danielle played a smarter game than Dick though (getting Zach onside for example) and didn't get as much help as her dad.

BB9-Both were awful again. Only Sheila and Sharon had the faintest idea about strategy or how to play the game, yet neither could win a comp to save their lives so we were left with these two blundering idiots. Adam was slightly smarter than Ryan.

BB10- Dan. Memphis was poor.

BB11- Natalie *shudders*. Natalie went from being almost a dead cert to be evicted at F9, to reaching the final 2 through her own manipulation. Jordan had loads of help and made no moves and really just got there because Jeff, Michelle and Russell were better comp players than her so nobody targetted her.

BB12- Stopped watching early on. Neither impressed me much from what I saw.
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Can only do the ones I've seen

3 - Danielle - Best player of the season
6 - Maggie - A better player than Ivette, though it's a shame Janelle didn't win the final HoH, as she was far better.
7 - Mike - He played better than Erika.
8 - Daniele - She was stronger in the competitions, and even had her father throwing himself under the bus for her to stay in the game/
9 - Adam played better. Disappointing final two in a disappointing season.
10 - Dan - By far the superior player.
11. Jordan
12. Hayden - He played the better game, especially towards the end when he turned into a competition winning machine
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BB8 - Daniele - one could say she made it through with her Dad's help, but she wasn't helped by a crazy twist - she won competitions and did what she had to in order to stay in the game. Best final two out of any of the series' I've watched though!
BB9 - Sharon Ryan - both terrible finalists, but Adam was just too creepy to vote for - Sharon really was robbed! Terrible season in retrospect.
BB10 - Dan - very easy choice for obvious reasons!
BB11 - Jordan - she made a good enough alliance, played strong socially and won the competition she needed to in order to make the final 2, quite underrated as a player imo.
BB12 - Hayden - fantastic stratergy imo, after forming the 'brigade' he lay low for a few weeks, kind of waited in the shadows whilst the other strong competitiors were taken out (Rachel, Matt) then ramped it up and used his 3 HOHs to take out Brendon, Britney and Enzo - the latter two being the only ones (imo) who could've beaten him in the final.
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Gwaed Waedlyd
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Big Brother 2 - Will. I liked both Nicole and Will but Will was entertaining to watch, and back then the Jury could watch the show so I would have preferred Will over Nicole. I also loved his strategy off getting to the end and he did well to win after being a dick in week one and basically targeted from week one. My Vote - Will

Big Brother 3 - Hands down Danielle, again if I was watching the show as a Jury member I would respect her game as she played a great game. Her mistake was not evicting Lisa at final 4, her and Jason could have beaten Amy in final 3 and gone to the end. Even then I think she would have still lost against Jason. Nothing against Lisa I thought she played a good game but out off her, Dani and Jason I least respected her game. My Vote - Danielle

Big Brother 4 - Tough one, Alison played a good and hard game to get to the end, and Jun played a smart game by being the chef. I will pick Jun out of the two as I thought she played smarter and out of the two she was not seen as a threat compared to Alison. Alison had to make a lot of deals to survive while Jun did not. My Vote - Jun

Big Brother 5 - God the final two this season was awful, and honestly one of the worst seasons so might as well have two crap finalists. I think I would pick Drew over Cowboy, purely because it would be a joke to have a winner of Big Brother called Cowboy; how he was in the running to return to two other seasons I have no idea. My Vote - Drew

Big Brother 6 - I don't really remember anything about the final two. I think I can recall Ivette being annoying cow who worshipped some guy called Cappy and Maggie I cant remember so I guess she was even boring I blocked all the horrid images off her out of my mind. By simple elimination of remember one as a annoying bitch I suppose I will pick Maggie. Should re-watch this season I think. My Vote - Maggie

Big Brother 7 - Again like Big Brother 5 I did not like either finalist, and again it is a while since watching this season, but I think Boogie basically told Erica what to do, while Will told Boogie what to do... I think at least. Personality wise I prefer Erika and I cant stand Boogie, such a shame Will is friends with such a arsehole. I cant pick sorry. My Vote - Neither, if had to pick Boogie (:sleep

Big Brother 8 - Annoys me when I read that Dani was dragged to the end by Dick, when in fact it was Dani who won most the challenges. 100% Dani deserved it out of the final 2. Dick was a horrid pathetic man and one of my least people ever to play the game. By contrast Dani is one if not my favourite player. Yes both Dani and Dick got there with help from production but out of the two I would have voted Dani. My Vote - Danielle

Big Brother 9 - Don't see the hate for this season, drama wise it was one of the best in my opinion. Out of the two finalist I suppose I would have voted for Adam. He was creepy and look like he was on drugs half the time but he played a good under-rated game. He was nice to everyone and was rarely targeted for eviction. Ryan on the other hand made too many deals with people in his own alliance and with people not in his alliance; smart yes, but making too many promises and then back-stabbing people who you made the promises too is not good. My Vote - Adam

Big Brother 10 - My favourite seasons with my favourite alliance ever with the renegades. Like both Dan and Memphis so hard to pick. I preferred Memphis to Dan tbh (just my view), but game wise Dan was better, but would be either happy with any winning that season. I think Memphis game is almost looked over, he was targeted from week one and after Jessies eviction no one was targeting him. His downfall was making deals with Keasha, Jerry and Dan at the end of the game, and like Ryan in BB9 smart move to get the end but not good making promises then stabbing people in the back. My Vote - Both but if had to pick Dan

Big Brother 11 - No doubt in my mind Natalie deserved to win, she controlled the game early on then suddenly found herself fighting to stay in. The move to make Jeff get Russell out was amazing and brought her back into the game. Out of her and Jordan she deserved to win. My Vote - Natalie

Big Brother 12 - Cant say sorry I only seen half the season

Big Brother 13 - Rachel was a competition beast and I suppose she deserved to win, but in all honest I am going with Porsche due to the fact I did not like the fact I feel Rachel was handed the win thanks to production. Porsche played a interesting game as well. She kept quit the first few weeks, making a deal with the vets to keep her then flipping to a new alliance where she was seen as the least threatening of the three so was safe if the other alliance won, and towards the end she won competitions when she needed too. I still think to this day it was rigged for Jeff and Jordan to win this season, so Rachel benefited as well. My Vote - Porsche

Big Brother 14 - Tough one again. I prefer Dan to Ian, Ian was okay but he was a bit bland. I suppose it comes down to looking at Ryan from Big Brother 9 and Memphis from 10; DONT MAKE DEALS WITH EVERYONE THEN STAB THEM IN THE BACK, and boy did Dan do a lot of that during this season. Dan played hard and done well to get to the end with such a huge target on his back but in doing so he pissed off all the jury. Ian played a decent game, not sociable the best, but he won competitions when he needed too and did not stab jury members in the back as extreme like Dan did, so Ian would have gotten my vote. My Vote - Ian
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From the ones I have seen;
BB6 - loved her bitchy rants in the diary room
BB10 - Dan
BB13 - Porsche
BB14 - Ian
BB9 - Ryan
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I've only watched from BB11:

BB11: Natalie
BB12: Hayden
BB13: Porsche
BB14: Ian
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I haven't seen 7,8,11 or 12, but for the rest...,.

BB2 - Will
BB3 - Lisa
BB4 - Jun
BB5 - Drew
BB6 - Maggie
BB9 - Adam (but preferably neither)
BB10 - Dan
BB13 - Porsche
BB14 - Ian

BB Canada - Jillian
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BB2 - Will (how can someone not vote for him )
BB3 - Danielle
BB5 - Drew
BB7 - Boogie
BB8 - Danielle
BB14 - Ian
all the other seasons i only watched a few episodes

BB Canada - Gary
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2 - Will
3 - Danielle
4 - Jun
5 - Drew
6 - Ivette
All Stars - Boogie
8 - Daniele
9 - I abstain
10 - Dan
11 - Natalie
12 - Hayden
13 - Rachel
14 - Ian

Canada - Gary
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BB2: Will. No question about it; he played brilliantly.
BB3: Danielle. She was the victim of a lack of sequester by the evicted houseguests.
BB4: Jun. I think she floated better than Alison.
BB5: Drew. As much as I didn't like the Four Horsemen Alliance, I think Drew was stronger than Cowboy.
BB6: Hated the Final 2 this season, but I would vote for Maggie.
BB7: Boogie. Erika was played by Chilltown.
BB8: Daniele. She was much more tolerable than her twit of a dad.
BB9: I wish I could vote neither, but my vote would go to Ryan (although I hated his girlfriend; Jen was such a git).
BB10: Dan, without a doubt. Memphis brought nothing to the game, and he was lucky that his alliance member was a strong player.
BB11: Jordan. Definitely deserving.
BB12: Again, a year where I wish I could vote neither, but I'd choose Hayden.
BB13: As much as I think she's such an annoying git; I'd choose Rachel, because she played very well.
BB14: Only because he was my favourite player from Day 1, and because he's a DSer, Ian.

BBCAN1: Gary, only because I didn't like Jillian at all.

BBUS1: No jury here, but I would have picked up my phone and voted for neither of the three to win. I wanted Chicken George to win; he was the least dull of the ten people in that house.
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I haven't seen 7,8,11 or 12, but for the rest...,.

BB2 - Will
BB3 - Lisa
BB4 - Jun
BB5 - Drew
BB6 - Maggie
BB9 - Adam (but preferably neither)
BB10 - Dan
BB13 - Porsche
BB14 - Ian

BB Canada - Jillian
Didn't have time to post reasons last time, so here goes:
BB2 - Will, would never have thought he'd get to the end, and despite winning no competitions he still managed to wield alot of power and constructed a much more improved social game once his allies were gone.
BB3 - Lisa, she played a good strong, clean game. She showed great determination when she chose not to vote her cuddle-buddy Eric back in, and managed to interject herself in a 3-way alliance with Danielle/Jason. There was no such thing as a sequestered jury so Danielle should have been smart enough to know that they could see her in the diary room. Referring to Roddy as "the devil" over a million times was rather petty.
BB4 - Jun, loved her sneaky 'no foolish risks' strategy. Plus I thought Alison played just a little bit too personal.
BB5 - Drew, voting out his showmance partner Diane at final 3 was deliciously ruthless, and Michael was generally just weak.
BB6 - Maggie, played a very clinical game and hardly ever seemed in danger. Ivette was just a little too loud and abrasively naive for my liking.
BB9 - Adam, simply because I found him more likeable than Ryan, who I found to be too over-bearing and self-entitled. (I was rooting for Sheila though)
BB10 - Dan, a bit too much show-boating to cameras, but compared to Memphis he was much more insightful about the game.
BB13 - Porsche, close call but I was rooting for her as the underdog. Plus I didn't like production stepping in and aiding Rachel, though I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that the twist saved Jordan rather than her. But the overall disrespect shown to newbies in general would send my vote Porsche's way.
BB14 - Ian, I originally scoffed at his whole 'going on slop for sympathy' strategy, thinking he'd never make the end anyway. But he made me eat my words. He won the competitions he needed to, taking everyone by surprise. Plus I think Dan's showboating for the cameras went way overboard this series.

BB Canada - Jillian, the only player never voted out, made more moves and got more blood on her hands than anyone else, won competitions while everyone else complained about not having any power, and she did it all with a smile on her face. Plus Emmett was her shield (lol), no matter how many people she back-stabbed I knew if Jemmett were ever targetted then it would be Emmett taking the fall. Sure enough, that's what happened. Also she was the spearhead of the East Coast alliance that successfully made the 'almost' final 4 (thanks to the 'vote back in' twist).

Hopefully this motivates me to watch the seasons I've not seen yet.
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Adding onto my previous post I made a couple of years ago...

13. Rachel - better in competitions, and Porsche didn't seem to do all that much.
14. Dan - his 'funeral' was genius, he masterminded the demise of just about everyone towards the end. Had everyone wrapped around his little finger. Best final two we've had in a long time.

Canada 1. Jillian - I kind of thought it was BS that someone should be brought back at the final five, though I would likely have gone for Gary had he stayed in for the duration.
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BB2: Will (Both were brilliant for first series in this format, but just can't not give it to Will)
BB3: Daniele
BB4: Jun
BB5: Drew (Wasn't too interested in this series, but Drew was much better than Cowboy, from what I watched)
BB6: Maggie
BB7: Erika
BB8: Dani (This was actually very close, cause I both loved and hated both of the f2. But Dani was veto queen, so would turn towards her.)
BB9: Ryan (Can't I vote for neither)
BB10: Dan (Easiest decision, not one person I would vote over Dan in this series at all, although it would be tough with Keesha)
BB11: Jordan (Not many in this series I would happily vote for accept Michele. But with this f2, I would pick Jordan, dont even know why)
BB12: Lane (I actually really like Lane and his game. Although Hayden did deserve to win)
BB13: Porshe (Under the radar players are usually my favourite. And Porshe went from UtR to full on player, loved it.)
BB14: Dan (Although it would be so hard to pick between the two)
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2) Will
3) Daniele
4) Jun (Better social game and fantastic strategic floating)
5) Drew
6) Maggie (Criminally underrated game)
7) Boogie
8) Daniele
9) Ryan (Willing to make big moves and more active then Adam)
10) Dan
11) Natalie (Jordan was a passive floater whilst Natalie did make moves to improve her position (albeit with Kevin's help))
12) Hayden (Again underrated)
13) Porsche (Worked harder to make it to the final two plus Rachel's treatment of the noobs and Grodner favouritism was very offputting)
14) Dan (Worked his absolute socks off to make it to the final 2 despite being target number one since the jury house began.
CAN) Jillian (No player voted out and then returning should ever win)
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BB2 - Will, better player despite also being really smug about it all.

BB3: Danielle for reasons already put down

BB4: Jun - Felt she played a better game than Alison and didnt have to rely on winning competitions as much

BB5: Drew - Cowboy was a bit of a floater compared to Drew.

BB6: That... Would have been a tricky vote and one I couldnt really say one way or the other.

BB7: Erika. No way could I ever vote for Mike. Both pretty much coasted their way to the finals thanks to Will.

BB8: Probably Dani, usually I would try and voted based off gameplay but Dick just pulled off so many trashy moves that really... No contest

BB9: Again. Cant really say one way or the other.

BB10: Duh. Dan.

BB11: Jordan as while Natalie played the game more, she also played lots of tricks and lies that were either totally pointless or hurtful.

BB12: Hayden, Lane was more of a hang on, it was Matt and Hayden who drove the alliance forward (Regardless of what the big mouthed Enzo tried to say)

BB13: Porchce (Because urgh.. Rachel)

BB14: Difficult choice again. Would probably go for Dan but Ian was just as much a good winner in my eyes.
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BB2 - Will
BB3 - Danielle
BB4 - Alison
BB5 - Drew
BB6 - Maggie
BB7 - Erika
BB8 - Dick
BB9 - Ryan
BB10 - Dan
BB11 - Jordan
BB12 - Lane
BB13 - Rachel
BB14 - Dan

BBCAN - Gary
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BB2 - Will, because he is the best BB player ever
BB3 - Danielle, cause she played the best game out of all of them.
BB4 - Jun. He was the better of two baddies.
BB5 - Drew, because although he made a mistake nominating Holly, he did succeed on navigating himself to the end. With a great help from Diane. Cowboy was... yeah.
BB6 - Tough one, because i hated both of them, but probably Maggie. She was more deserving winner of of them two.
BB7 - Boogie, because Chilltown rules. Would have liked Will to win though.
BB8 - Dick, even though the Americaīs player twist saved him.
BB9 - Toughie. Few years ago i would have voted for Adam, but now probably Ryan. He played s stronger game overall than Adam.
BB10 - Dan. He overcame the odds and played a superior game.
BB11 - Tough one. Socially Jordan is strategically more worthy, but was carried by Jeff quite a while. Natalie was socially mediogre, but i think strategically she was atleast slightly better than Jordan. I donīt know. I might go either way. Depends on who was i aligned to. So probably Jordan.
BB12 - Hayden.
BB13 - Rachel.
BB14 - Probably Dan, but maybe Ian as i liked both of them. Dan was the more strategic one and he overcame the odds yet again, being a coach and a veteran. He has good social skills (on the house) and strategic skills, but lacks jury control.

Ian would have gone on week one, but Boogie saved him. At final four, Dan "saved" him (when he kind of gave up), cause Shane was more of a threat to his final two plan. So he was saved two times. Ian however won quite a few comps and aligned himself with the right people in the end. Also his social game improved, with a fair bit of help from Britney, Dan and Boogie.
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