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The Voice audition process

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Old 20-03-2012, 17:29
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The whole premise of the show is based around the fact that the judges dont know what the singers look like.

Lets get some facts right first of all.

The producers will have seen the contestants already from some 'pre-audtions', similar to what is done on the X Factor.

I'm guessing the production team will give advance warning to the judges when an 'interesting' person is about to come on, and they'll be told 'to pick' 'make interesting comments about' 'have a fight amongst yourselves when picking this guy' etc.

I guess it all goes with the territory of these types of shows really.

What else goes on behind the scenes that we are supposed to not know about?

Not wishing to spoil things to be honest. I want to enjoy this show as much as everyone else and I'm really looking forward to it after all the hype
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