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Cookies Disabled?

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Old 12-04-2012, 23:41
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I'm trying to apply for a job on this website:

However every time I click through to any of the applications I'm getting a message saying "
Unable to load site properly
Your current browser settings indicate that cookies are disabled. Cookies are required to properly access our site. To enable cookies, please refer to your browser's documentation for instructions
I'm positive that my cookies are not disabled, my firewall isn't blocking anything and I've tried clearing the cookies. I've also tried with different browsers without any luck. Is it just the website or a problem with my computer? If someone could test the link and see if they have the same problem I'd be grateful.
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Old 13-04-2012, 06:42
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I did as you asked & went to the web site. I had the same result. So must be the web site
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Old 13-04-2012, 07:23
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I just tried it my work pc (running XP, and using IE8), and it loaded fine.
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