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What are you eating at the moment? (Part 3)

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Old Yesterday, 23:27
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There's a fairly new eatery opened near me and all this week they've been handing out free samples to passers by........a tub of chicken salad and a tub of muesli in yoghurt

The latter was so nice that I decided to make it........rather than buy it from their establishment


I had a washed out coleslaw tub

put in 4 desert spoons of fruit muesli
1 extra spoonful of oats for padding/roughage
4 desert spoons of yoghurt (I had organic ginger yoghurt)

mixed it all up and put in the fridge for a couple of hours for the yoghurt to soak into the oats

It was fantastic........really thickened up as the yoghurt soaked in but was still moist enough to be pleasant to eat

Every few days you can have a different flavour yoghurt so it doesn't get boring

This could be the future ........

you could make it before going to bed and have it for breakfast......I had mine for tea
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This is what I have for breakfast everyday.

An Alpro yoghurt with a handful of sunflower seeds, walnut pieces, sultanas and chopped apricots, then another handful or two of oats. During the week I also add fresh blueberries.

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