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Free alternative to Unblock US :)

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Old 18-08-2012, 01:19
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Just for anyone that didn't know, there is a free alternative to UnblockUs.


No trials, no subscriptions, no fees, no BETA. It is 100% Free

I have been using it a couple weeks now and works perfectly!
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Old 19-08-2012, 21:45
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Hmm I wouldn't trust this...

It costs money to run servers and hire people for support, how are they paying for this?

There are no ads so they aren't making money that way.
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Old 19-08-2012, 21:55
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Weíre not aiming to provide a professional 24/7 service. Tunlr is up when itís up, and is down when itís down. We only have limited support for non-PC players. Support is limited to the on-site forum where your questions may or may not get answered.
At least they're being up front with that little aspect i suppose so if you try it, you accept it might not being entirely 100% flawless all the time.

But then I suspect that it'll go the same as any other "free" service that might catch on - the more people start to use it, the worse it'll get.

Might be worth a try for a while though.
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Old 16-11-2012, 10:45
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You can try Unotelly. It's a good alternative to unblock.us. Plus they offer much more alternatives.
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Old 04-12-2012, 19:00
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Is this safe? Does it support netflix?
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Old 05-12-2012, 18:16
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Tunlr removed Netflix support some time back
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Old 07-12-2012, 10:24
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I would understand the point of this thread if Unblock US was expensive, but it's only £3 a month and for that you get a premium service
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