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Stephen Poliakoff's Dancing on the Edge

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Old 19-03-2013, 15:04
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maggie summarised the ending well, but if you're still interested you can watch the final 10 minutes here; the whole episode is on youtube:

Thank you so very much.

I shall watch it now.

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Old 20-03-2013, 09:12
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The interview was interesting to a point but added little to the story imo. I had to laugh at Jessie saying she would never let fame change her because it did just before she died.

The mad woman ringing Louis and waffling on about the masons was just wtf for me - utter nonsense. She was very pretty, though - was the actress the same one who played the maid in Upstairs Downstairs?

I thought it would offer better insight into what went on than it actually did.
I was intrigued by the woman's story about the Masons. She sounded bonkers but it was clear how afraid she was of her husband and his Mason friends. It showed their power. Then again, we saw how powerful they were when they helped establish Julian's alibi.

I agree with you about the insights the interview programme could have given. It gave more insight into Louis' attraction to the upper classes and how he felt about how people treated him and the band. It would have interesting if it shed more light on Julian and Jessie's murder.
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