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Panasonic Setup New Screen and Blu Ray

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Old 13-10-2012, 21:40
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I think most people would agree Panasonic do the best screens.

I'm planning on upgrading my system and was thinking of..

Panasonic TX-P50GT50
Panasonic DMP-BDT500

My question is should I maybe opt for a different model plasma as most of the smart features come with the blu ray player too So I can go for a bigger panel. I'm not interested in 3D. like the idea of controlling via my iPad and need at least three hdmi.

I am getting distracted by a Sharp LC60LE636E. Which combi would you recommend??
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Old 14-10-2012, 00:57
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I have this one

..and am happy with it!

Sorry, have just noticed you re talking about a TV!!
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Old 14-10-2012, 15:54
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I have the GT50 and the bdt310 here: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/aud...-940258/review

It's a fantastic setup and the best TV I have had. The range this year is the best TV of 2012.

3d however is a gimmick, I have found the smart TV and networking features to be more handy than I thought they would be. 3D is a expensive fad.

In 3D it's not as friendly or family friendly as passive 3D setts. The 3D picture is good being Full HD etc but you do have to be careful of ambient light causing flicker. The 3D picture doesn't flicker however just everything else in the room if you have bright sun light etc. another annoying thing is the TV goes brighter for 3D to compensate for the light blocked by the glasses...trouble is this ruins black level!

For HD and everything else it's stunning.
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