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The Walking Dead S3 (US Pace)

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Old 20-07-2013, 12:05
Satans Puppet
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Has anyone else discovered this kids TV show yet? I think it aired on cITV but is out on DVD in a few days or so... I think.

Anyway apparently this Ska band from the 90's have decided to go into kids entertainment and it's AWESOME!!! I'm loving the clips I've been catching on YouTube with the Animation, Music and 70's batman-esque live action stuff.

If you're a fan of things that could be cult then this might be for you. I've been watching it with my housemates wee nipper and she loves the "It's a Cartoon" moments!! Huzzah!!!

If I knew how to embed a video I would... lots of clips on youtube. Worth a looksee if you're still into the kids TV shows that appeal to adults too.... although no one did that as good as Ren and Stimpy!
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