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Resident Evil Operation RC Opinions

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Old 24-10-2012, 18:42
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Just wanted to know people's opinions of this before I buy it?

Is it really as bad as people say? I've loved Resi Evil 1 - 6, but people seem to hate this one?
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Old 24-10-2012, 19:02
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It's pretty bad - and I've played it.

Check some reviews out:



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Old 24-10-2012, 19:36
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Now that Resi 6 its out it confirms my worst fears about operation RC, it was clearly a quickly thrown together game to be used as test to see whether 4 co-op could work and how they could improve it

And now with Resi 6 we have selected parts with 4 player co-op

Unless its sub 10, i'd say avoid it
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Old 26-10-2012, 02:33
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im going to buy it soon but heard its not great. i seen it for 11 in blockbusters new yesterday
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Old 26-10-2012, 09:54
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I went to buy this the otherday but 2 of the guys that work in my local grainger games both recommended me to save my money as it was awful
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