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Windows 8 prob - Configuring Windows Updates

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Old 10-11-2012, 16:48
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Configuring Windows Updates
13% Complete
Do not turn off your computer

I was just shutting it down manually, and it decided to do an upgrade automatically. It now seems to be stuck on a loop with the above text on a blue screen for half an hour or so (with spinning balls), it then goes to similar blue screen saying restarting, tries to restart (screen goes black and then get an HP sign) only to return straight to the Configuring Windows updates screen, go quickly from 2 to 13% and get stuck again.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!!!

Laptop is a two-week old Hewlett Packard that came with Windows 8 installed, so it's not a 7 to 8 upgrade issue.

Thanks to anyone who can help.
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