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Sound In The Cinema VS Your Home Sound

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Old 13-11-2012, 19:43
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What is the best cinema audio you have heard in a real one?
And is your home audio better than it or not?
I have tried searching about actual cinema speakers and audio on google but nothing won't come up and it only brings up stuff to do with home surround.

The last film I saw was Rise of the Planet of the Apes the audio was OK but the cinema was really old and has now closed so don't think I will get another chance to go much now as the closest is Colchester or Ipswich and for the price it cost to get there I would rather wait for the Blu Ray to come out as it will be about the same price if not much cheaper.
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Old 13-11-2012, 21:15
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best ever sound was the last starfighter leicester sq theatre. 70mm.

surround works better in cinema even on the original dolby theatre matrix 2 channel analogue because the room is much larger and haas effect works correctly.
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Old 13-11-2012, 21:16
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i remember the 1st uk thx in warners. it was louder. but certainly not better.
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Old 13-11-2012, 22:28
Dick Darlington
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The IMAX at Odeon cinema in Manchester. Nothing else I've heard comes close to it. Although even the normal screens at the same cinema have some of the best sound I've heard in non IMAX screens.
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Old 13-11-2012, 22:29
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I have a Home Cinema system using a Yamaha AV Decoder with a 7:1 speaker system and it works well. Trouble is I only have a small lounge and consequently cannot drive the sound to the same high level which can be achieved in a cinema because the neighbours would certainly hear it!

As long as the sound is clear, precise, with dialogue coming from the centre and the surround left and right, it does sound great even at a moderate level. Having it too loud is a fallacy, a mistake which many people make. It is not the volume which counts, but the clarity. Tonight, I watched Rise of the Planet of The Apes on blu-ray and even with sound at a moderate level, it sounded great.

Music sounds great too, especially when I switch the AV Decoder to Music Enhancement 7 Channel.
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