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FIFA 13 and Black Ops 2 - What do you think?

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Old 02-12-2012, 19:34
magic martin
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I bought FIFA 13 and Black Ops 2 when they came out. On paper they should be better than the previous incarnations but are they? ....Well to me to be honest, no:

Fifa 13:

As with FIFA 12 it still too often seems so "scripted" where it seems "predestined" whether you will win or lose the game - A few weeks ago I couldn't win in the morning and then with the same team in the afternoon I couldn't lose.

On top of this just played a game now - ended up playing as Man City and for some reason all the players had completely the wrong names on team sheet and in the game when their name is shown. This mean't it was impossible to know who I had playing and if so where . Further it was a game where I lost 5-1 due to my players inability on several occasions to score from 7 yards in an open goal or with just the goalie to beat whilst the other team naturally of course scored effortlessly from practically every chance

Black Ops 2:

The game looks and feels good but online in some games its impossible to kill - even if the first to shoot. In one game I can kill too easily and then the next 3 or 4 I'm just like a lamb to the slaughter - the guy I'm shooting at seems to get kill me with one shot but then the kill cam shows something very different from his perspective than what I just saw from mine - basically its lag.. Often the games when i really struggle I'm the host - how do I know: well I've started quitting games if it really doesn't seem fair and then I often see the host migrating message (I'll happily lose to better players tho).

So two games which could provide such fun and enjoyment but often just end up causing frustration

What do you reckon??

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Old 05-12-2012, 10:12
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I, like you, bought both games on release. On the whole I've found both games more satisfying than their predecessers.

Fifa 13
In many ways, the game is hugely similar to Fifa 12. I think the defending controls have got better (That, or I just wasn't doing it right in Fifa 12), and the attackers do make better runs as promised.

However, there are the typical fifa niggles such as, in seasons match, if only winning by one goal (no matter how much you dominate your opponent), your opponent will usually get a clear sight on goal in the last minute of the match. Plus, the game tends to conspire against you when you are getting close to promotion. I outplayed/out shot/out possessed players, but still manage to lose. grrrr.

Also, I think you are right about not being able to win a game for love nor money, then going on a run. Is this something in built to Fifa re 'team confidence' and loss after loss is mostly a result of low morale and form??? I put it down to that anyway

Black Ops 2.
I've only played online mode with the game. I've heard career isn't particuarly brilliant and it's just not as much fun as going online.
Absolutely love the new create a class system. Far better than MW3, as are the maps. Much more enjoyable. Do have issues with spawning near where you have just died (though not as bad as MW3), but occasionally can help as your attacker has failed to move far enough (my advice: go S Club mode - Don't stop movin!)

Can't really say I've had same issues with lag. Occasionally I notice it and usually dissapear sharpish from the match. Otherwise I put it down to hardened perks or FMJ as to why I'm dying before someone else in a shoot-out that I would usually win.

Love playing both, but I game in small doses so only an hour at a time so I don't find either repetitive.
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Old 08-12-2012, 00:46
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I can't comment on Black Ops as I only buy Modern Warfare.

As for FIFA I think this is the best one yet. I'm still not sure about the scripting thing. Yes I suffer from what you have mentioned, but I don't think it's "scripted".

What I do think is that as well as your difficulty setting "world class" etc, there are invisible setting inbetween what you can pick, and the game changes to them to suit the situation.

I once thrashed Man Utd but couldn't score against Everton and the Everton game felt so much harder. But looking at both team forms, Man U had won 2, drew 3 lost 1 but Everton had won all 6, so I think when a team is in form the difficulty is increased.

Also when it comes to cup games I think the difficulty increases as you advance. There was one season where I lost in the quarter final of the league cup, FA cup and Champions League. That could be a coinsidence or a half decent theory lol.
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Old 08-12-2012, 04:26
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Thats the problem with football games. People expect a new game every year. New season new game. One year is not enough time for developers to come up with new ideas to keep the game fresh. Take a different sport like boxing and this is not the case. Ever since ea stopped releasing fight night every year the game improved in a big way. FN round 4 was in released 3 years after 3 round 3 and was a huge step forwar. Then champin came 2 years later and added a great story mode ( i still cant for the life of me beat that b****rd issac frost to this day.) As for call of duty? Stop throwing your money away every year to these gangsters and buy halo!
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Old 08-12-2012, 04:56
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Also have you tried pro evo? Have not got the full game but tried both thd demos and seems to be a bit more technical. Used to love that game. Had every one from the first International Super Star Soccer right up pro evo 6 then it kind of lost its way to fifa. Gave up on footy games after that
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