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Last Movie You Watched? (Part 6)

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More than likely there is already a thread about this film. I only got to watch it myself the other night. While I found it a great film but not sure if it was worthy of an oscar.
I didn't find the lead actor very convincing but the actress who portrayed Patsy was excellent. I think she may have won an oscar for supporting actress which she truly deserved. Most of her scenes were heartbreaking and she played the part so well.
Same goes for the actress who played Eliza.

Michael Fassbender played his part well also and his wife was so ruthless and didn't care what the slaves had coming The scene where she hit Patsy with an ornament just said it all. Enjoyed seeing Benedict Cumerbatch. I liked the fact he made time for the people who worked for him something you would never have encountered during the period of slavery in America.
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It's a very good film. It helps that it's told from the perspective of a slave rather than some sympathetic white guy that just so happens to be against slavery so the white audiences can relate to him *cough* Django Unchained *cough* A Time to Kill* *cough* The Help *cough*

It's hard to believe that this is a true story and that this was the normal way an everyday white man and woman back then would live their daily lives - whipping and killing other humans. Humanity has come a really long way!

I personally felt that if there was anyone from the cast deserving of an Oscar it should be Fassbender not Nyong'o.
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