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The Saturday's New Single What About Us ft Sean Paul

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Old 18-03-2013, 12:36
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Just wondering what people think of this album? I know that it really has divided opinion, in that some people think it's incredible, whilst others think it's the same old spoon fed pop music.

Personally I think the lead singers tone of voice and great lyrics holds it all together, their acoustic videos on Youtube as well as acapella recordings are immense.

Also just a little plug for myself: I've done a cover of Pompeii and stuck it on Youtube, and it would be great if you music lovers could give me some feedback either on here or Youtube!

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Old 18-03-2013, 13:10
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Bloody love Bastille!

So glad they're getting really big now..

I'm proud to say I've been a fan since 2011..which is very rare for me as I normally find bands far too late.

Really like your cover too by the way- good job!
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Old 08-04-2013, 17:05
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I am actually in love with this song if only my name was Laura Palmer I would have it as my ringtone

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Old 10-04-2013, 18:19
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If anybody calls them Indie, I'll jump down their throat - most definately synth pop.Synth pop & Indie are generally vastly different areas of music as far as I'm concerned in their more traditional use of the term.Their even signed to a Major label.

As far as Synth pop goes their O.K. - seemed to have added some new elements which must be commended.Anyone that moves a generic music form forward must take some credit.
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Old 11-04-2013, 21:03
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I feel like I've heard it all before, that their sound's a poor amalgamation of other bands from 04-08 with a slightly synthy choral production. Having said that, I haven't previewed the whole album, only the tracks that people I know have been talking about. And the style of music they do isnt really my 'thing', particularly. I can see them getting a cult following similar to Paramore.
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Old 15-04-2013, 02:26
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I have been bumming these for a while about the last 7 months or so....their music feels atmospheric to me. The album is astounding, I am normally a bit fussy when it comes to bands of this nature, but they won me over with Rhythm is a Dance/Rhythm of the Night mash up and latterly pompeii.

They aren't ground breaking, but what they offer is something different to what is in the charts right now. Its nice to see instrumental music infesting the charts as opposed to the over produced dance/pop/rnb mess we have had previously.

Great band an album!
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