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My Own Waterloo Road

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Waterloo Road Cast


Mr Michael Byrne(Alec Newman)-Headmaster
Mr Tom Clarkson(Jason Done)-Deputy Head, English Teacher
Mrs Sian Diamond(Jaye Jacobs)-Deputy Head, Science Teacher
Mr Grantly Budgen(Phillip Martin Brown)-English Teacher, House Master
Mrs Maggie Budgen(Melanie Hill)-Canteen Assistant, House Mistress
Mr Daniel Chalk(Mark Benton)-Maths Teacher
Mrs Audrey McFall(Georgie Glen)-Geography Teacher
Ms Christine Mulgrew(Laurie Brett)-English Teacher
Ms Esther Fairclough(Daniella Nardini[/b]-Science Teacher
Mr George Windsor(Angus Deayton)-French Teacher
Ms Nikki Boston(Heather Peace)-Head of English
Ms Tanya Addams(Alex Kingston[/b]-History Teacher
Mr Sam Newman(John Simm[/b]-Head of PE

Connor Mulgrew(Shane O'Merea)
Kevin Skelton(Tommy Knight)
Imogen Stewart(Kirstie Steele)
Jodi "Scout" Allen(Katie McGlynn)
Phoenix Taylor(Kaya Moore)
Harley Taylor(Kane Tomlinson-Weaver)
Jade Flemming(Paige Meade)
Liberty Gordon(Adzia Shardow)
Lula Tsibi(Marlene Madenge)
Rhiannon Salt(Becky Craven)
Jack MacAllister(Taylor Rhys)
Leon Barry(Carl Au)
Dynasty Barry(Abby Mavers)
Kacey Barry(Brogan Ellis[/b]

Other Characters
Carol Barry(Zoe Lucker)-Mother of the Barry Family
Nicola MacAllister(Rosie Marcel)-Jack's Mother
Neil Barry(Burn Gorman)-Father of the Barry Family
Rebecca Newman(Shirley Henderson)-Sam's Wife
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good cast , hope there is an update soon.
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