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The return of The Fratellis

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Old 18-12-2012, 22:58
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Anybody else a fan?

I loved their 2008 album 'Here We Stand', moreso than the first album. I was so dissapointed by the lead single though 'Mistress Mabel' which is my least favourite song (after 'Jesus Stole My Baby').

Anyway, loving the fact that the band have come together again and have played a few gigs earlier this year, the two new songs they performed are really good.

It's a shame Jon has cancelled his upcoming second album though and his debut album 'Psycho Jukebox' was excellent, i loved 'Magic and Mayhem', 'Oh Shangrai La', 'Daddy Won't Pay Your Bills', 'Santo Domingo' and 'Give My Heart Back Maguire'. I hope 'Bright Night Flowers' ends up getting relased in some way.

Can't wait for them to release their new album in 2013.
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Old 19-12-2012, 00:01
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Costello Music was great. Have never heard the follow-up.
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Old 19-12-2012, 07:37
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A failed side project and solo album by Jon is probably the reason they are getting back together.

They are also touring this year, already got a ticket for the Birmingham show. Prefered Costello Music although that wasn't perfect, will wait and see what the new stuff is like, when they were around originally guitar music was popular but not any more so may be interesting.....
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Old 19-12-2012, 11:29
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I bought 'Costello Music' I think, only heard 'Mistress Mabel' from the follow-up. Rapidly lost interest then.
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Old 19-12-2012, 11:49
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i love Costello Music <3 Henrietta, Chelsea Dagger, Whistle For The Choir, Vince the Loveable Stoner etc - i thought Here We Stand was disappointing, though i did like Mistress Mabel, My Friend John and Look Out Sunshine
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Old 19-12-2012, 12:53
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I absolutely loved their first album!
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