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"Taxi" begins on CBS Drama

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Old 31-12-2012, 00:40
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Taxi is a sitcom originally aired between 1978 and 1983 and won 18 Emmy awards, starring Judd Hirsch and Danny DeVito among others. Some of the writers and producers were the same as for "Cheers".

CBS Drama start with the first ever episode on Wednesday Jan 2nd at 6:30 pm, repeated next day at 09:30 am. Then subsequent episodes are shown at the same time on each weekday.

CBS Drama is on Sky 149, Virgin 197 and Freesat 134. I think this will certainly be worth watching.
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Old 31-12-2012, 00:48
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I remember this being hilarious..............I wonder how it's aged

I remember the 'Lithuanian' ?......immigrant, Christopher Lloyd's character as the aging spaced out hippy who's memory had gone, was ii Tony Panza ? - as the muscle-bound dumbie and 'the guy from Grease'?

the girl with curly ginger hair who i think was the only main female character, though thee main have been another one

I can still remember the theme tune............
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Old 31-12-2012, 01:01
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I love this show thanks for the heads up.
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Old 31-12-2012, 14:35
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Reverend Jim is a standout character - my absolute favorite. Here's a brief clip of an episode where Jim takes a written drivers test. It's one of the funniest moments on TV: LINK

At the end of the clip, you'll see the character Bobby break down and starts laughing as the scene fades out.
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Old 31-12-2012, 16:23
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Thanks for the heads up. It's a great show, which I loved in my youth.

When Channel 4 launched in 1982, Cheers was advertised with blurb about it being 'by the makers of Taxi'. That's what made me watch, and I'll be forever grateful.
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