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Iphone 4 unlocked - do I need to do anything else?

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Old 31-12-2012, 21:25
Bad moon
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Now got a samsung s3 - Vodafone have arranged for Apple to unlock my iphone 4 and I've had the confirmation message on itunes.

I'm either going to recycle the phone via one of the various sites or give to a friend, do I have to do anything else now like a system restore or will it just work as a new phone for someone else if they inserted a sim without any of my itunes info on there?

Sorry in advance for being a bit thick if this is a really obvious thing! Thanks.
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Old 31-12-2012, 21:41
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Once its unlocked via itunes and u get message that its successfully unlocked then its sim free device. so u can do factory reset and wipe all data without any worry. it will work on any network anywhere in world. once u did factory rest then new owner will need to setup their itunes ID.
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