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Lewis - New Series

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Old 19-02-2013, 03:15
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It seems all the best dramas are all endibng this year. There's going to be a huge quaklity void on UK TV. Ending or transmogrifying into something unrecognisable. There'll be just Foyle's War as a Cold War series. Maybe UK TV should stop making dramas and just do reruns. Then they could rerun for ever. No more actors leaving, no more actor scriptwriter conflicts etc. Or I could get rich and buy all the DVDs and never need to watch new dramas that will end before we want them to. That's being silly but I feel like that after Lewis ended. The other day I watched a classic New Tricks. Fed up with shows ending and nothing equally good replacing them.
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Old 28-06-2013, 13:14
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Definitely she was my teenage fantasy in series 1 of Between the Lines She had a fantastic figure in those days and didn't mind getting them out

She has had occasionally parts since then like the girlfriend in Inspector Lynley. Don't know if she stopped working to have a family, as has been in a number of shows in the last couple of years after a long absence.
I thought she looked so boring and frumpy in Inspector Lynley, and played a right wet blanket. Her hair looked frizzy and old, not a good look. (Been watching repeats on Alibi this morning). I couldn't work out if it was Helen Baxendale in the part, they look alike.
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