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Old 18-01-2013, 10:37
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I have been bloody addicted to this game on my Galaxy Nexus since mid December and thank god I have now completed it by scoring my 100th international goal. In fact it is my second go at the game as I had played 10 seasons in the summer but then got a different phone. So after 12 and a half seasons I leave the team I support in real life Workington AFC 5 points clear of the Championship having gained promotion from the BSN to BSP to L2 to L1 and then the championship in consecutive seasons and I am not going to take them into the prem and win the champions league as I have had enough. Still here are my stats before I uninstall it:

Appearances 565
Goals 675
Hat Tricks 59
Passes 2153
Assists 467
Star Man 241
Furthest goal 52.3 yards
Longest pass 51 yards
Average rating 8.3
Contract Wage 75 and goal bonus 13 with 5004 in the bank.

Tips if you are play the game invest in property as this will enable you to recover quickly. Build a strong relationship with the team as they are the ones who pass to you.

I am off to get a life.
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Old 19-01-2013, 17:36
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I love this game and totally addicted to it, but I'm getting this monkey error and can't play in anymore.
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Old 24-01-2013, 16:12
Darren Lethem
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I love it too, totally addictive.

How long does it last ? How many seasons
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