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Do you have a specific gaming night ?.

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Old 19-01-2013, 11:44
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I do most of my gaming on a Sat night into the early hours of Sun morning (usually from around 10pm until 6am). What does your other half (if you have one) tend to do while your gaming and what rules does He/She put in place while your'e gaming, if any ?.

My wife doesn't like gaming so she tends to catch up on watching the crap I refuse to sit and watch with her and the rules for gaming are, use your headset, don't shout or wake the kids, oh and make sure you put your empty's in the bin lol.

*if you use a headset, do you use game chat or private chat ?*. I tend to use private chat but will use game chat at times but do have trouble understanding some accents lol
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Old 19-01-2013, 11:53
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Any day that ends in a Y! lol I game for about 2 hours a night if the TV is rubbish & my wife doesn't mind because if there is anything on that she wants to watch, we've got Sky multi room. I rarely play after 10pm but if I do, it's on a Friday or a Saturday but only until midnight. I can't stay up to the wee small hours anymore like I used to
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Old 19-01-2013, 13:26
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Try to get in as much gaming as possible usually 2-3 hours a night.
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Old 19-01-2013, 13:48
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Every day 1 hour on KZ3 and an hour on something else before bed
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Old 19-01-2013, 14:10
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We have a gaming weekend and get friends over tournament on Fifa followed by some COD or racing games, NHS etc.
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Old 19-01-2013, 16:13
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I get to play most nights depending whats on, my friends and I used to gather on Thursday nights for split screen fun but we haven't done that in a couple of years as we all now have at least 2 kids each and some work nights now, we still get together whenever we get a chance.
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Old 19-01-2013, 17:34
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Friday night if I'm not out. End of the working week so I stay on until about 1-2 Saturday morning.
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Old 19-01-2013, 19:08
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Every night usually. Headset on, shout at the tv time...the kids r heavy sleepers. My fella plays on his football game on the computer or face****, quite often though he's at work 2 weeks out of 3 . We have nothing in common and he's not very chatty like me...but you always make time for each other later
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