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HP HD 2300 FaceTime compatible?

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Old 21-01-2013, 00:31
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Hi all.
The webcam itself is about 13 however has anyone tried and is it compatible with FaceTime as i have a mac mini but no built in Webcam.
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Old 21-01-2013, 03:53
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Any webcam should work.
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Old 21-01-2013, 09:33
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Any webcam should work.
Not any webcam.

So long as it conforms to the USB Video Class specs it should work (the HP one seems to be).

However there can sometimes be problems. I had a Logitech one that was UVC compatibile but had problems with the audio rate. Every time i wanted to use it i would have to switch the audio sampling rate in "Audio Midi Settings" else i'd sound like a chipmunk.
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