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Fleetwood Mac - Cristine McVie Rejoining!!!??

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Old 24-01-2013, 19:06
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Theres lots of stories going around in the Fleetwood Mac camp that they have been encouraging Christine McVie to rejoin the band and she is seriously thinking about it!! I always felt that there was a huge gap in the band when she left!! I never thought they were complete without her!!

I really hope she does!! Even if its only for the European leg of their up and coming world tour this year!!

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Old 24-01-2013, 23:06
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yes I loved her vocals on songbird & little lies I love their music why did she retire was it stress?.
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Old 24-01-2013, 23:40
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I was reading this before! It would be an absolute treat, they could perform so many songs they have not done in years with Christine such as Everywhere and Little Lies. Christine is a very talented singer songwriter and was an asset to Fleetwood Mac so a return would be a dream!
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Old 24-01-2013, 23:46
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Probably just a load of rumors

I'll get my coat
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Old 25-01-2013, 07:37
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yes I loved her vocals on songbird & little lies I love their music why did she retire was it stress?.
From what I've read, Christine simply fell out of love with the lifestyle and being on the road. Stevie Nicks has admitted that she loves the glamour and the crazy lifestyle that comes with being in a group like Fleetwood Mac but she's also spoken about Christine never enjoying it as much. Christine never really liked touring or being away from home and actually spoke several times about leaving the band as far back as the 1970s. She pretty much sold her house in Los Angeles after The Dance Tour had finished and headed back to the UK where she's lived ever since. I've always found it strange that she sold away her rights to Fleetwood Mac upon leaving the band. It's not like she needs the money, especially if you've seen her huge house in the country, but it would have been a nice income for her into old age. She's been to see the band in London on their last two reunion tour but has refused any invite on joining them on stage.

I personally would love to see the five of them reunite. It's definitely not the same without Christine. Plus I really want to hear to Isn't It Midnight live.
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Old 14-01-2014, 18:23
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She has rejoined the band

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Old 15-01-2014, 09:42
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^ Good to hear!
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Old 15-01-2014, 11:45
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It's good they're at full strength again, though i always found her voice to be thin and dull. Compared to Stevie anyway.
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