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Verbatim DVD+RW - any good

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Old 25-01-2013, 13:26
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I am running low on blank dvd+rws and I can get some Verbatim DVD+RWs for a good price, but I do not know what the quality of these are like, so I will be using them to record to my dvdr then convert them again to use as an .avi file for my media player, so are these blank dvd+rw good for these and can I recopy on them many times.

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Old 25-01-2013, 13:32
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Verbatim always used to have a decent reputation. Not aware that has changed significantly recently.
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Old 25-01-2013, 14:05
niall campbell
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best buying a small bundle first
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Old 25-01-2013, 20:19
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I use them now and again, been fine.
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Old 27-01-2013, 23:13
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The Optical Disc drive manufacturer should have a list of compatible DVD+RW discs.

Often you can't actually get the ones listed, so it's just a matter of buying a few and then trying them. Verbatim may get discs from more than one source.

Long term wise you need to scan them in the same manner as a HDD. Nero has software to do this.

I don't have DVD+RW going back many years, They are Sony DVD+RW (ATIP info says Sony) thus far OK in a Samsung drive.

But I have a lot of CD-RW that go back 11 years and are still re-usable. Some of those are Verbatim (ATIP info says Mitsubishi).
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Old 27-01-2013, 23:19
stud u like
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I've used them for years.
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