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Tesco mobile Iphone 4 unlock question

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Old 25-01-2013, 20:57
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Hi guys

I have recently got myself a new contract phone and have given my iphobey4 to my dad. It was on Tesco mobile and I've had it well over two years. I thought being Tesco and the link to O2 that it would be unlocked but it's not. Any help? Will Tesco unlock it (even now I've left them). A localmarket can junlock it for 40 but that seems steep!
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Old 25-01-2013, 23:41
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I dont know, ring them and ask? dont take it to a market stall etc, they will most likely jailbreak it and install the software to unlock the phone on a temp basis, what i mean by that is, whenever the phones software is updated the unlock will be wiped off and will be locked to tesco again.

Get it unlocked properly by the network provider
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Old 25-01-2013, 23:48
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Yes. Tesco will need to unlock it. Call them or check their website.
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Old 26-01-2013, 00:06
The Lord Lucan
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They do. 20 if you are still under contract. Free if your out of contract or paid the outstanding contract term. So you should be free.
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