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Let's Dance for Comic Relief is back...

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Old 28-02-2013, 22:23
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Well Paul Hollywood and Jessie Wallace are finally not taking par after all. In fact I can not find that original Alex Jones interview on Digital Spy anymore. So I guess her words were twisted.

Also, for the last heat, it looks as if Lee Nelson will be dancing with Twist and Pulse and contrary to what the BBC Listings say, it looks as if Keith Duffy has dropped out and Jodie Prenger is dancing instead. I wonder what she will be dancing to as I dont think "Sexy and I know it" would suit her. Wonder what happened?

One thing that I don't get about this show is the final. All the competitors just dance the same original dance again. Viewers already have a favourite. Why not just have 4 different heats and award a points system and whoever has the highest number after all heats wins. Otherwise, they should dance another number. What do I know anyways? This programme's been on for 5 years now. Why change things around?
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