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Weight Watchers...C4 8pm tonight.

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Old 30-01-2013, 06:27
Gill P
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Well you do need to use the website or a calclulator if you want their exact calculation but you can get by on estimating 40 calories a point if you need to make a guess at something in a shop!
This is more useful than the programme appears to have been! Thanks for that!
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Old 30-01-2013, 08:46
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several things that annoyed me about this show....

1, the undercover thing at the meetings. The leader yes she was showing the products but she did say she personally wouldnt have them. If they were just sell sell sell they would say "yes buy this its really nice and filling" etc etc. And as a person who has been to the meetings I found them very useful for hints and tips. Our leader was a genuine WW follower and loser herself and gave great advice about things, without needing to buy all the products. The products at the meetings some of them yes are ok, some of them rubbish. I only brought the products I actually liked, if I really wanted them. I never felt pressure to buy them though.

2, Jane going into the supermarket. First off WW tell you to plan ahead so you wouldnt just go in on a whim with no idea what you wanted and secondly anybody who has been doing the WW even for afew weeks will start to learn the different points in things such as beans, bacon, bread, ham etc etc it soon becomes second nature to guess it roughly right. Also Jane most fruit and veg is 0 points, if unsure buy aload of that!

3, ANY diet you follow people are bound to put on weight, WW is just like any others in that it controls what you eat via points and I think it can be followed long term. Its those who lose the weight them go back to bad eating that gain!
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Old 30-01-2013, 22:24
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Well there were no surprises in the programme - WW is more about making money for the investors who own it than helping people to lose weight.

The packaged food is awful. If WW was more interested in health it would concentrate on fresh foods and preparation as Slimming World does.
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Old 30-01-2013, 22:42
Mrs Spratt
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Last time I went to Slimming World (which is a few years ago) the leader was recommending having a tin of Heinz Macaroni Cheese on top of your jacket potato because they were all 'free foods'!

I never did figure the SW system out, at that time it was way more complicated than any other diet I'd ever tried!
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Old 31-01-2013, 01:09
slappers r us
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Well there were no surprises in the programme - WW is more about making money for the investors who own it than helping people to lose weight.

The packaged food is awful. If WW was more interested in health it would concentrate on fresh foods and preparation as Slimming World does.
years ago they did concentrate on fresh foods

I lost 4st at WW but that was when food groups were colour coded way before the points system, it must have been well over 20 years ago, I dont like the points system

at WW now you seem to be a great success if you lose just over a stone
reading both the WW and Slimming World mags bigger weight losses seem to be more reported in the SW mag than WW
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Old 31-01-2013, 03:27
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'Secrets' of weight loss

Breakfast: East a wheat-based cereal. Wheat generally keeps you fuller longer.
Lunch: Stick to fruit and veggies and as much as you want.
Dinner: Whatever you want to eat, but try a third less on the plate. Eat off a smaller plate if it looks too small.

Enjoy your food. Savour each bite by eating slower. Put the fork down between each mouthful. Don't watch TV whilst eating and don't read. Concentrate on the food you're eating and take your time. When I was a overweight I would feel guilty by what I was eating and stuff it down, not even tasting it.

Snacks: Always have fruit around for snacking on. Grapes are my favourite. Drink plenty of water - I like flavoured water and drink loads. Very often we mistake thirst for hunger.

Write a diary of everything you eat. If you feel peckish, look back over what you've eaten. Have you eaten enough?

Move around more If you use public transport for work, get off a stop earlier and walk. Use stairs and not escalators, lifts shopping. (Never shop on an empty stomach).

Treat yourself. Once a week have a day where you forget about your dieting. Eat what you want, but just remember the rule about eating slower because this is for everybody - losing weight or not.

Don't keep weighing yourself. You'll soon know you're losing weight when your clothes become loser. If you must, weigh yourself every couple of weeks. Always in a morning before breakfast. When you've lost weight you won't care what you weigh - size matters and not weight. People I know went to the gym and built up muscle - gaining weight, but they're slimmer.

Your philosophy should be to re-train your eating habits for life. Losing a couple of stone for your holiday is good but plan what you are going to do when you get back - old eating habits just mean a merry-go-round of 'on and off the wagon'.

You're not 'on a diet' you're changing your relationship with food.
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Old 31-01-2013, 05:13
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Weight Watchers, when i'm on it, changes my life for the better. I get tons more exercise, I eat loads of fruit and veg, I cut down on stuff thats bad for me. It forces the greedy of us to compensate for our greedy by walking everywhere more so we can eat more treats. I don't consider it a company that wants to rip people off. Slim Fast, stuff like that, thats not healthy at all. Weight watchers make low point options of foods if you WANT to buy them, but frankly, all the recipes onlne are all fresh ingredients, not unhealthy rubbish. Saying that I haven't lost anything this time i'm doing it but thats because I drink too much wine, so my fault really!
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