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What cable is this (kinda like HDMI but not)

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Old 13-02-2013, 21:34
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I would like to transfer Music from Cassette Tape to my PC so that I can import it into iTunes

I already have a Cassette Tape player, what else do I need apart from the lead to connect the player and PC together?
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Old 13-02-2013, 22:46
howard h
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Years ago I bought software (Magix Audio Cleaning) which imported the audio, and you could "clean" in before making it into MP3.

If you Google music import, mp3 from tape etc etc I bet there's loads of free software you can download that would do the job now. Audacity may do it....never tried though!!
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Old 13-02-2013, 23:20
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Audacity is free software that will certainly allow you to record the music and then convert it to MP3 (using LAME encoder).
Not sure how successful it would be at getting rid of the hiss though?

Obviously you'll need a lead to connect the audio out of the cassette player (or amplifier) to the line-in of your computer's sound card (blue input, 3.5mm plug)
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