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10 year old Romeo Beckham in pervy advert?

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Old 09-02-2013, 14:16
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I've seen the ads, I don't see them as pervy, more along the lines of 'rather annoying looking kid'. He could do with a good feed too...
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Old 09-02-2013, 17:49
mary patricia
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I'm sure it might have been the premise - very badly executed, you know. Are we supposed to believe Romeo is looking at shoes in admiration? Ok,because that's what little boys like..high fashion shoes. Hmm. But like Pru said, the whole campaign is "awkward".
But that's just one still! Out of 100s! Why would you focus on that, that's really the bit I don't understand, interpreting a still image as if it has some deep significance when all it is is just one moment. It's almost like people are looking for something to find suspect!

Full video here - gives a much better perspective -

Looking at the photo's, I was trying to see the "pervy" aspect that some posters got and I couldn't. When I saw the whole video of the photo shoot, there really is nothing to get upset about (well apart from how cringey the whole thing is lol). I honestly can't see how anyone can find the shoot inappropriate?
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Old 09-02-2013, 21:19
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They are awful, some look badly photoshopped. High fashion shots, my arse.
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